Terrorist (Organizations)

Terrorist (Organizations)


This section of Discover The Networks examines leftwing organizations that use force and violence against non-military targets to achieve their ends and spread their message. It also examines organizations affiliated with financial institutions and purportedly charitable entities that give material aid and support to terrorist groups.

Abu Nidal Organization (ANO)
Abu Sayyaf Group (ASG)
Al Haramain Islamic Foundation (AHIF)
al Qaeda (al Qaida)
Al Shamal Islamic Bank (ASIB)
Al-Aqsa Foundation (AAF)
Al-Aqsa Martyrs’ Brigades (AAMB)
Al-Aqsa TV
Al-Fatah (Fatah) (AF)
Al-Fatah Revolutionary Council (AFRC)
Animal Liberation Front (ALF)
Ansar al-Islam (AAI)
Arab Bank (AB)
Arab Fedayeen Cells (AFC)
Arab Revolutionary Brigades (ARB)
Armed Islamic Group (GIA)
Benevolence International Foundation (BIF)
Black June
Black September
Boko Haram (BH)
Buffalo Six (Lackawanna Six)
Dar al-Maal al-Islami (DMI)
Earth Liberation Front (ELF)
Egyptian Islamic Jihad (EIJ)
Egyptian Revolution (ER)
Faisal Islamic Bank (FIB)
Faithful Resistance (FR)
Fatah (al-Fatah) (AF)
Fatah Revolutionary Council (AFRC)
Foundation for Human Rights and Freedom and Humanitarian Relief (IHH)
Global Relief Foundation (GRF)
Graduate School of Islamic and Social Sciences (GSISS)
Help The Needy (HTN)
Hezbollah (Hizbollah)
Holy Land Foundation for Relief and Development (HLF)
Human Appeal International (HAI)
Husayn Suicide Squads (HSS)
Insani Yardim Vakfi (IYV)
International Islamic Front for Jihad Against Jews and Crusaders (IIFJ)
International Islamic Relief Organization (IIRO)
Islamic American Relief Agency (IARA)
Islamic Association for Palestine (IAP)
Islamic Committee for Palestine (ICP)
Islamic Foundation of America (IFA)
Islamic Group (aka Al-Gama’a Al-Islamiyya) (IG)
Islamic Jihad (IJ)
Islamic Movement (IM)
Islamic Resistance (IR)
Islamic State (IS, ISIS, ISIL)
Islamic Struggle Movement (ISM)
KindHearts (KH)
Lackawanna Six (Buffalo Six)
Lashkar-I-Taiba (LT)
Mercy International (MI)
Mosque Foundation (MF)
Mujahedin-e-Khalq (MEK)
Muslim Arab Youth Association (MAYA)
Muslim Brotherhood (MB)
Muslims Of America (MOA)
National Association of Muslim Chaplains (NAMC)
Oppressed of the Earth Organization (OEO)
Oregon Six (OS)
Organization of Jund al Haq (OJAH)
Palestine Children’s Relief Fund (PCRF)
Palestine Revolutionary Council (PRC)
Palestinian Islamic Jihad (PIJ)
Party of God Collectivity (PGC)
Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP)
Portland Seven
Portland Six (PS)
Rabita Trust (RT)
Revolutionary Communist Party (RCP)
Revolutionary Council of Fatah (RCF)
Revolutionary Organization of Socialist Muslims (ROSM)
SAAR Foundation (SAFA Trust Group) (SAAR)
Symbionese Liberation Army (SLA)
Talibah International Aid Association (TIAA)
Union of Good (UG)
Weather Underground Organization (WU)
World Assembly of Muslim Youth (WAMY)


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