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Sanders: Let’s ‘Deconstruct’ Dept. of Homeland Security

In an interview that surfaced Friday, White House hopeful Bernie Sanders declared he wants not only to abolish what ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement) “is doing” but also to “deconstruct” the Department of Homeland Security.

“Yeah, you could say abolish ICE, but, you know what, so you can have another organization… It does exactly the same thing,” Sanders said. “So, to me, it’s not abolishing ICE, but it’s abolishing what ICE is doing. So if you ask me, ‘Will we stop those raids?’ We surely will, and we need major reform of the agencies and how they deal with the undocumented.”

Asked if he would also consider deconstructing the Department of Homeland Security, Sanders replied, “Yes, absolutely. Reorganize it. Deconstruct it. Use whatever word you want. The answer is yes.”

The avowed socialist Sanders, a leading presidential candidate, epitomizes his Party’s preference of open borders over law and order and national security.

Moore: Republicans ‘Triggered Our Extinction’

Without naming it explicitly, documentary propagandist Michael Moore declared on social media Friday that the Republican Party has “triggered our extinction” thanks to its greed and climate change denial.

“This party triggered our extinction by pushing a greed-based, climate-denying agenda,” Moore wrote in a Twitter thread. He went on to claim that young people “will curse our name for what we’ve done to them. In their final days they will remember how we let the 1% plan this destruction, how we allowed a political party to exist on the premise that there was NO climate change!”

“Millions of children will march today,” Moore continued, referring to a global climate strike by students. “They know when they’re our age they will be clinging to life, clawing & clamoring for survival as the planet chokes to death the humans who tried to kill it. The planet will kill us before it lets us kill the planet. Trust me on this.”

Trusting Michael Moore and his fellow leftists on the issue of climate change is precisely the reason we have young people hysterically panicked about the future.

Castro Campaign Mgr: Opposing Illegal Immigration Is ‘Racism’

In a tweet Thursday, Maya Rupert, campaign manager for White House hopeful Julián Castro, suggested it is racist to oppose illegal entry into America or fraudulent asylum claims.

Rupert’s remark came after Matt Wolking, the Deputy Director of Communications for President Trump’s 2020 campaign, responded to a tweet in which Castro bristled at being called an ally of drug cartels and human traffickers.

“What is Julian Castro so angry about here?” Wolking tweeted. “Does he support asylum fraud? Does he support catch and release? Does he support illegal entry into the U.S.?”

Rupert responded, “Racism. He’s angry about the obvious racism.” Wolking rightfully called her out for  irrelevantly playing the race card: “Julian Castro’s campaign manager says you are a racist if you: Oppose illegal entry into the United States / Oppose fraudulent asylum claims.”

Gaetz Exposes Sharpton’s Racist, Antisemitic Rhetoric and Actions

In a congressional hearing on policing practices Thursday, Rep. Matt Gaetz exposed Rev. Al Sharpton’s history of racist and anti-Semitic rhetoric and actions, according to Breitbart News.

During his turn to question the witnesses, Gaetz referred to resolution H.Con.Res. 270, “Condemning the racist and anti-Semitic views of the Reverend Al Sharpton.” It contains a list of Sharpton’s offensive statements and actions, which include referring to Jews as “bloodsucking [J]ews”, “Jew bastards,” and “diamond merchants” and being found guilty of defamation for the false accusation that a white former Assistant District Attorney raped and assaulted a black teen girl.

The list also noted that Sharpton was guilty of “fierce demagoguery which incited violence, riots, and murder in the Crown Heights section of Brooklyn,” and that he practiced “the politics of racial division and made inflammatory remarks against whites.”

Sharpton was forced to admit to making many of the statements, or to claim not to recall them.

Warren Hires Planned Parenthood Exec For Campaign

Sen. Elizabeth Warren has hired former Planned Parenthood leader Kimberly Diaz Scott to head up her presidential campaign in Florida, according to Breitbart.

Scott, the former regional director for Charlie Crist’s 2014 gubernatorial campaign, announced on Tuesday that she would be leaving her post at the Florida Planned Parenthood Alliance to serve as the Florida State Director of Warren campaign.

She wrote in a statement: “I won’t be far from the movement, as I’m humbled and proud to announce my transition as the Florida State Director for Warren for President, assuring that we will continue to fight like hell to elect a brilliant leader who will work to protect the health, safety and future of ALL people.” All but the unborn, since Warren, like Planned Parenthood, fervently supports the right to abortion.

“2020 is not for the rich or selfish, 2020 is for us,” she added, indicating she is fully onboard with Warren’s class warfare strategy.

Zuckerberg Admits Facebook’s ‘Clear Bias’ Against Pro-Life Org

In a meeting with Sen. Josh Hawley in D.C. Thursday, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg admitted a “clear bias” in the way his platform handled the pro-life organization Live Action, Breitbart reports.

Mark Zuckerberg said Facebook was wrong to censor me and Live Action, that there was clear bias and that the ‘fact checkers’ were activists,” tweeted the group’s founder and president, Lila Rose.

“Thousands of my FB followers were sent push notifications saying I spread ‘false’ news,” she continued. “The bogus ‘fact check’ by the abortionists who have publicly called for our deplatforming is still up on the Health Feedback website.”

“The problem is bigger than Facebook’s censorship of us. They lack transparency & honesty. They claim to be neutral but don’t act that way. They enjoy privileges as a platform, but act like a far-Left, politically motivated publisher. This affects ALL news & content shared on FB,” Rose added.

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