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Castro: My Campaign’s Done Unless I Raise $800K in 10 Days

Failing presidential candidate Julián Castro told supporters on Monday that his campaign is over unless he can raise $800,000 in the next ten days.

“I’m extremely proud of the historic and bold campaign we have built together,” Castro began on Twitter. “But this is a critical moment— if my campaign can’t raise $800,000 by October 31st, my campaign will be silenced for good. Help us keep up the fight.”

This ploy may have been inspired by fellow candidate Sen. Cory Booker, who tried a similar fundraising tactic in September, as Breitbart News points out. The floundering Booker pleaded with his supporters for an additional $1.7 million by month’s end or he would be forced to drop out of the presidential race. His campaign managed to reach that goal.

Among a crowded field of Democrat contenders, Castro is currently polling at a mere average of 0.8 percent. Former VP Joe Biden leads at 29.8 percent.

Cher: ‘Trumps a Whore’ and Pelosi ‘Should Be PRES’

Former entertainer and Trump-obsessed Twitter maven Cher took to social media once again to rant about President Trump on Monday, this time calling him a “whore” and stating that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi should be president.

“CANT PROTECT PPL, BUT WE CAN PROTECT OIL,” Cher wrote, referring to a Washington Post headline about a U.S. proposal to leave troops around Syria’s oil fields.

“Trump MAKES MERCENARIES OUT OF BRAVE  SOLDIERS FOR OIL,” she added, illiterately. “Trumps a whore.Nancy Could Kick His Mammoth ass & Should Be PRES.”

Defense Secretary Mark T. Esper explained Monday that Pentagon officials are weighing a plan to keep a “residual force” of U.S. troops around oil fields in Syria to “deny access, specifically revenue to ISIS and any other groups that might want to seek that revenue to enable their own malign activities.”

Omar Living With Boyfriend at ‘Secret’ D.C. Apartment

Rep. Ilhan Omar has reportedly been living “on and off” at a “secret” Washington, D.C. apartment with her boyfriend after denying for months that she and her husband were separated, according to the Daily Mail.

The Daily Mail published several photos on Monday of Omar and political strategist Tim Mynett entering and leaving a D.C. apartment separately. Mynett, whose wife recently filed for divorce after he admitted his love for Omar, reportedly spent at least six nights in September with the Somali-born Omar, who filed for divorce from the father of her three children earlier this month.

Both Omar and Mynett vehemently deny having an affair. Meanwhile, questions have arisen over the fact that, since 2018, Omar has paid nearly $230,000 out of her campaign funds to Mynett’s E Street Group for consulting fees and travel expenses.

The National Legal and Policy Center (NLPC) filed a complaint with the Federal Election Commission, alleging Omar illegally used campaign money to carry on the affair, according to Breitbart News.

Booker: I Will Bring ‘Dignity’ and ‘Leadership’ Back to America

Sunday on MSNBC, White House hopeful Cory Booker said that, if elected, he will restore the “dignity” and “leadership” he claims have been lost under Trump.

“Having a sound mind and commitment to our values, I know what I will bring to that office: not only restoring dignity at home but rejoining with our allies in a concerted effort to create peace not just in that region but to deal with so many other growing, looming challenges,” Booker said.

“So I am looking forward to being commander-in-chief to begin to bring a sound policy, a stronger alliance and make sure that we are leading with our values in a world that desperately needs more American leadership, not Trump leadership but the kind of American leadership that we are — that the rest of the country, as I talk to world leaders, are yearning to see again.”

Trump leadership is American leadership. Booker’s leadership, like Barack Obama‘s, will divide Americans racially, hamstring us economically, and undermine our strength abroad and our national sovereignty.

Sheriff Won’t Be Part of Beto’s Gun-Grabbing ‘Gestapo’

Sheriff Mark Cage of Eddy County, New Mexico, made it clear that his deputies will not serve in the “personal Gestapo” of gun confiscator and presidential candidate Robert Francis “Beto” O’Rourke, according to Breitbart.

“I’m not sure whether his statements are naive or just plain ignorant and arrogant. Maybe it’s all three,” Cage told Townhall about O’Rourke’s vow to enforce a mandatory government buyback of all AR-15s and AK-47s if elected. “Hell yes, we’re going to take your AR-15s,” O’Rourke has declared. He has also promised to send police to the homes of the non-compliant.

“The thought of anyone utilizing my sheriff’s office or any other law enforcement agency in this country as their personal Gestapo to go door to door violating citizen’s rights is disgusting, unrealistic and downright un-American,” Cage continued.

“Some of my constituents are already adopting the mantra of ‘Come take mine, Beto!’… His rhetoric has gotten old and I look forward to the day when he shuts up,” Sheriff Cage added.

Sen. Menendez: ‘All Roads Lead to Russia’ with Trump

On ABC’s This Week last Sunday, Sen. Bob Menendez, the top Democrat on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, said “all roads lead to Russia,” in terms of President Trump’s withdrawal of U.S. troops from Syria.

“What the president did is a betrayal of the Kurds who fought and died alongside of us in pursuit of ending the threat of ISIS,” Menendez claimed. “It’s a betrayal of our ally, the state of Israel, where, in fact, Iran now has an easier facility to have its land bridge with sophisticated weapons to try to attack Israel.

“It’s a betrayal of our foreign policy to the Russians who are the big winners of this, and that’s part of the problem here,” Menendez continued. “All roads lead to Russia with the president and every time that there is an issue or a conflict, it seems Russia ends up winning.”

Menendez and his fellow impeachment-obsessed Democrats spent three years trying to tie the President to Russian collusion in the 2016 election and came up empty-handed. Yet they are still promoting the lie that Russia’s Putin pulls Trump’s puppet strings.

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