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Kaine: SCOTUS Nominee Has ‘Life and Death Consequences’

Friday on MSNBC’s Morning Joe, Sen. Tim Kaine said he refuses to vote for President Trump’s Supreme Court nominee to replace the late Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, calling it an “illegitimate process.”

“When President Obama had a vacancy in the last year of his presidency, the Republicans wouldn’t even meet with the candidate, hold a hearing or hold a vote and they announced this is the new rule if there’s a vacancy in the last year of a presidency we’ll wait, and they said, ‘Let the American people decide,’” Kaine claimed.

“I do think if the Senate majority is determined to break their promise and move forward, they can probably figure out a way to do so,” Kaine added. “But what I want to convey in the clearest possible terms, there’s no mischief they can do in the Senate or in the Supreme Court between now and inauguration day that Democrats can’t fix if we win the Senate and win the White House. We can fix anything bad that they do in the next couple of months if we can win the Senate, win the White House. And that means voting this year is fundamentally a vote to protect your own health. It’s got life and death consequences.”

Indeed it does, which is why the GOP cannot allow the Democrats to derail this nomination.

Schumer: Trump Has No Honor, ‘Doesn’t Deserve to Be President’

Wednesday on CNN’s OutFront, Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer accused President Trump of having no “honesty, honor, values, or faith in the American system,” and declared that he “doesn’t deserve to be president.”

In a video, when asked about committing to a peaceful transfer of power during a press conference, Trump responded, “We will have to see what happens. You know that. I have been complaining very strongly about the ballots, and the ballots are a disaster.”

“President Trump is not a dictator, and the American people will not allow him to be one,” Schumer said. “This man has no, no honesty, honor, values, or faith in the American system. He doesn’t deserve to be president. And hopefully, he will learn his lesson.”

“The American people are wedded to democracy,” Schumer continued. “We believe in democracy. And the kind of thing Trump is talking about just will not happen. One way or another, there will be a peaceful transition of power, and President Trump will not get his wish. One thing I say to the American people is vote, vote early, and the best way to is defeat him in a landslide, and that’s what I hope will happen.”

There will be a landslide, Senator. A landslide for Trump.

Hillary: Trump is a ‘Desperate Would-Be Dictator’

Failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton took to social media Thursday to declare that President Trump’s purported refusal to accept a November election loss “is the behavior of a desperate would-be dictator.”

“Trump’s refusal to commit to the peaceful transfer of power is the behavior of a desperate would-be dictator who’d cling to office even if it meant destroying our democracy,” Hillary tweeted. “It’s pathetic. But because he is the president, we should take his threat seriously.”

This is the psychological projection of a woman who has bitterly denied for four years that Trump beat her fairly in 2016, who is arguably the most power-mad politician in American history, and who urged the current Democrat presidential nominee, empty-suit Joe Biden, not to concede “under any circumstances,” even if it appears Trump won the election, “because I think this is going to drag out and eventually I do believe he will win if we don’t give an inch.”

Asked at a press conference on Thursday about Trump’s willingness to accept a loss, White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany replied, “The president will accept the results of a free and fair election, but I think that your question is more fitting to be asked of Democrats who have already been on the record saying they won’t accept the results of an election. You have that beautiful quote from Hillary Clinton that Joe Biden should not concede under any circumstance.”

Reid: Trump Can’t Win ‘Unless He Figures Some Way to Cheat’

Thursday on CNN’s Cuomo Prime Time, former Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid exhibited peak Democrat psychological projection by asserting that President Trump “has no chance whatsoever to be president unless he figures some way to cheat.”

“Donald Trump knows he is going to lose the election fairly,” Reid said. “He is behind in every poll. This could be a change election. He is going to lose big time. Biden is going to be elected. Pelosi is going to build upon her margin in the House. We’re going to take the Senate. So, he knows that. So he’s flailing. When in doubt, raise your arm — wave your arms, scream, and shout. That’s what he’s doing. He has no chance whatsoever to be president unless he figures some way to cheat.”

Reid is either completely delusional or is pulling a “Baghdad Bob,” referring to the Iraqi information minister who delivered such demonstrably false misinformation as his forces collapsed before the American military that he became an object of international amusement.

It is the Democrats who know they cannot win fairly, who know that Trump is headed for a landslide, who know that they have no chance unless they cheat. That’s why they have been hysterically pushing voting-by-mail, which is ripe for voter fraud. That’s why they are flailing and screaming and shouting about Trump purportedly refusing to leave office peacefully.

Pelosi: ‘Why Bother’ Holding a Presidential Debate?

In an interview Friday on CBS’s This Morning, Speaker Nancy Pelosi dismissed calls for a presidential debate between decrepit Democrat nominee Joe Biden and President Trump, claiming there is no point because the president “isn’t committed to our Constitution.”

Asked if she still doesn’t think Biden, who has avoided the public eye for most of his campaign in order to conceal his mental decline, should debate Trump, Pelosi replied, “I do. Not that I don’t think he’ll be excellent. I just think that the president has no fidelity to fact or truth, and actually, in his comments the last few days, no fidelity to the Constitution of the United States. He and his henchmen are a danger with their comments, are a danger to our democracy. So, I didn’t want to give him — you know, why bother — you know, he doesn’t tell the truth, he isn’t committed to our Constitution.”

If that were the case, then a debate would erase the suspicion that Biden is mentally unfit and would expose Trump’s lies — but it’s not the case, and the Democrats colluding to keep Biden under wraps know it.

“I’m speaking truth,” Pelosi lied. “Our Constitution is at the mercy of people who have no allegiance to the Constitution of the United States.” Well, it certainly will be if the Democrats win in November.

De Niro: If Trump Wins, ‘We’re Into Fascism, Period’

In an interview with Yahoo Entertainment, actor and anti-Trump hysteric Robert De Niro called President Trump a “criminal who will stop at nothing,” and warned that if Trump is re-elected in November, the United States will be “into fascism, period.”

“[Trump is] a criminal who will stop at nothing [and] do anything to win,” De Niro ranted. “We have to win it. Everybody has to join. We have to speak out and win this fight, period. We can’t let this go further. If [he gets] another four years, we’re into fascism, American-style, period. It’s unimaginable what will happen. We would survive but it would be irreparable damage. In some ways now there’s irreparable damage because the world looks at us like we’re crazy, allowing this crazy person and administration and enablers.

“We have to vote him out of office and even then it’s going to be a problem. This guy is something we don’t understand, and a lot of people don’t understand. His logic, his mindset, it’s scary. It’s like they say it’s a ‘cult,’ and it is. And they don’t care what this person does. But they will care when they are directly affected by his behavior and the behavior of his enablers.”

This kind of absurd fear-mongering is exactly why we shouldn’t give clueless celebrities a media megaphone.

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