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Pelosi: Republicans ‘Will Misrepresent Anything’ You Say

Wednesday at the Christian Science Monitor breakfast in Washington, D.C., House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said, in regard to Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s comparison of border detention centers to concentration camps, that Republicans “will misrepresent anything that you say.”

“I’m not up to date on her most recent one, I saw something in the news but I — no, I haven’t spoken to her about that,” Pelosi said.

“I do have some comments to make to my caucus writ large about the political nature of how politically charged the atmosphere is, so understand that while the Republicans have no interest in holding the president accountable for his words, they will misrepresent anything that you say, just if you have one word in the sentence that they can exploit.”

Hirono Wants to Prosecute Trump After He Leaves Office

On MSNBC’s Live today, Sen. Mazie Hirono said Pres. Trump should be prosecuted after he leaves office.

Asked if the Dept. of Justice should prosecute Trump after the presidency, Hirono replied, “I certainly think that we—you know, when I look at the 800 or so former prosecutors who say there’s enough in the Mueller report to indict the president were it not for the fact that he’s a sitting president, I would say that is grounds for those kinds of further actions.

“In addition, the other investigations that are going on regarding the president’s activities in his organizations should also continue, including the state of New York, the prosecutors in the Southern District of New York, all of those kinds of activities should go on, so yes, he needs to be held accountable,” she added.

Sanders: Demagogue Trump is Going ‘After Minority People’

Tuesday on MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell Reports, Sen. Bernie Sanders called President Trump an “un-American” “demagogue” going after minorities.

In response to Trump’s tweet declaring that ICE would begin removing millions of illegal aliens, Sanders said, “I think this is a political statement to his base. But frankly, I think this is an outrageous statement. It is absolutely un-American, not what our country stands for, and it is, Andrea, exactly what demagogues always do.

“He will not talk about the healthcare crisis. He will not talk about income and wealth inequality. He will not talk about climate change. But he will try to divide the American people up. And he will go after minority people, in this case, undocumented people, who have very little political power,” he added.

Julian Castro: Southern Border ‘as Secure as it Ever Has Been’

Appearing Tuesday on MSNBC’s Velshi & Ruhle, White House hopeful Julián Castro claimed that the U.S.-Mexico border is “as secure as it ever has been” and called for a “21st century Marshall Plan.”

Asked what he would change about the Trump administration’s immigration policies, Castro replied, “What I would do is, number one, I would make sure that we maintain border security, and I believe that our border is as secure as it ever has been. I would ensure that we maintain it.

“But secondly, I would treat people with compassion and common sense and not with cruelty. I would make sure that we don’t separate families, that we don’t put people in cages, that we treat them like human beings. I would also get to the root of the problem,” he added.

Cuomo Signs Bill Granting Driver’s Licenses to Illegal Aliens

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo signed legislation on Monday granting driver’s licenses to illegal aliens.

Cuomo’s action came after asking the state’s Solicitor General Barbara Underwood to review the measure for possible safety concerns — threatening to veto it if he didn’t like her assessment. “You could create a database for the feds to use to actually track down undocumented people,” Cuomo said on WAMC radio. “California passed a law, and they are now in litigation.”

But Underwood’s boss, Attorney General Tish James, later released a statement arguing that the bill is legally sound. “The legislation is well-crafted and contains ample protections for those who apply for driver’s licenses. If this bill is enacted and challenged in court, we will vigorously defend it,” she said.


Dean: Pelosi Letting Momentum Build For Impeachment

Monday on MSNBC’s All In, former DNC chairman Howard Dean called House Speaker Nancy Pelosi‘s strategy for impeaching President Trump “brilliant.”

“I’m one of the few people who was actually around when Nixon was impeached,” Dean said. “This is exactly what happened. They were very careful. They were very deliberate. They didn’t go beyond the facts that were known, and the groundswell grew.”

“I think what Pelosi’s doing is brilliant, actually. She’s letting the momentum build. I don’t think she’s resisting it as much as you said she was,” he added. “I think it’s strategic patience. Look, Pelosi has not missed a step. She’s the one person who has got Donald Trump’s number in Washington. She hasn’t missed a step yet… I think Pelosi’s playing her hand exactly right.”

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