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Bernie Sanders Bows Out of 2020 White House Race

Sen. Bernie Sanders announced Wednesday that he was ending his presidential campaign, but promised, “While this campaign is coming to an end, our movement is not.”

“I wish I could give you better news but I think you know the truth,” Sanders told supporters. “I have concluded that this battle for the Democratic nomination will not be successful and so today I am announcing the suspension of my campaign.”

Sanders called his rival Joe Biden “a very decent man” and promised he would “continue working to assemble as many delegates as possible at the Democratic Convention, where we will be able to exert significant influence over the party platform.”

President Trump responded on Twitter: “Bernie Sanders is OUT! Thank you to Elizabeth Warren. If not for her, Bernie would have won almost every state on Super Tuesday!” the president tweeted. “This ended just like the Democrats & the DNC wanted, same as the Crooked Hillary fiasco. The Bernie people should come to the Republican Party, TRADE!”

BDS Founder: ‘No Problem’ Using Israeli Coronavirus Vaccine

In a live webinar, Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) movement founder Omar Barghouti declared that if Israel develops a vaccine against the coronavirus, anti-Israel boycotters are permitted to use it.

In a webinar called “BDS and Anti-normalization: The most important strategies to fight against the deal of the century, even in the time of COVID-19,” Barghouti said, “Cooperating with Israel against the virus – to begin with, we didn’t consider it normalization. If Israel finds a cure for cancer, for example, or any other virus, then there is no problem in cooperating with Israel to save millions of lives.”

He added that “up until now, we have not been in a situation where we need Israel urgently and no one else can save us but Israel. If that will happen, saving lives is more important than anything else.”

In response, the Israeli Advocacy Movement tweeted, “This is how he boycotts Israel: He chose to go to Tel Aviv University / He uses technology built in Israel / He wont boycott Covid-19 vaccines developed in Israel. Total hypocrite.”

Soros-Funded Group: Release as Many Prisoners as Possible

In a letter to the governors of all fifty states, the Brennan Center for Justice urged them to use executive action to “release as many people as possible from incarceration” due to coronavirus fears, “provided they do not pose serious public safety threats.”

“Ideally, people who are older, medically compromised, or nearing the end of their prison terms could have their sentences commuted to time served and be released outright,” the letter states. “We urge you to grant the broadest relief to the largest group of people possible, but should this prove impracticable, we urge you to consider clemency relief in other forms…”

For convicts who can’t be outright granted clemency, the Brennan Center urged governors to use their “unique executive powers to further shrink the prison population as much as possible at this critical time.”

The Brennan Center for Justice is heavily financed by leftist billionaire George Soros through his Open Society Foundations.

Soros’ aim is the dismantling of the capitalist West to be replaced with his brand of globalist, open-borders collectivism.

Schiff: GOP Has Become a ‘Cult’ to Trump’s Personality

Tuesday on MSNBC’s All In, Rep. Adam Schiff declared that the GOP has become a “cult” for President Trump, and their “silence in the face of this kind of incompetent response [to the coronavirus] is really deadly.”

“It gets back to something the president said when the Republicans first proposed the $500 billion fund with no oversight,” Schiff said. “He said, ‘I will be the oversight.’ That’s what President Trump wants. He wants the freedom to reward friends and punish enemies…”

“How do you hold that president accountable, and the answer in the past has been that Congress, on a bipartisan basis, would rise to defend the American people and their own institution,” he continued. “But here one of the parties has become a cult to the president’s personality, and in the wake of these bloodlettings, bloodletting of inspector generals, the response from the GOP in Congress has been nothing but silence. And silence in the face of this kind of incompetent response is really deadly, and the country needs to demand more of their representatives.”

The country needs to demand more of the do-nothing, blame-Trump Democrats.

Harris: ‘People Are Dying’ Due to Trump’s ‘Vacuum of Leadership’

Wednesday on ABC’s The View, failed presidential candidate Kamala Harris helped promote the opportunistic Democrat narrative that President Trump’s “vacuum of leadership” in the coronavirus outbreak has cost American lives.

“This is a moment of international crisis, and this is when leaders must lead,” Harris said. “The president of the United States was also the commander-in-chief, in a moment of crisis, which is a public pandemic that has led to an economic crisis as well…

“What we have in this president is someone who has been concerned about himself full-time since he has been in office and including during this pandemic…” she claimed falsely. “At a national level, and in particular from the administration, we’ve seen a vacuum of leadership, and we’re paying a price for it. And as to your point, people are dying.”

Like other Democrats, Harris has done absolutely zero to help Americans through the coronavirus pandemic. The Party leaders have focused all their attention on blaming Trump for their own political benefit.

PP CEO: Pandemic ‘Used as Cover’ to Push Anti-Abortion

In an interview with Vanity Fair published Friday, the CEO of Planned Parenthood said governors who have banned abortions to preserve medical equipment for healthcare workers treating the coronavirus are using the pandemic to push an anti-abortion agenda.

According to Breitbart News, Alexis McGill Johnson said these governors “are the same politicians that have been eroding public-health infrastructure for decades”: “These are the same folks who refuse to expand Medicaid. These are the same folks who supported forcing organizations like Planned Parenthood out of Title X. You have to connect the dots here. This is a moment where the pandemic is being used as cover to really push a horrible political agenda around abortion.”

“Politicians have been trying to ban abortion and attack our reproductive rights for decades,” McGill tweeted. “Now, they see #COVID19 as an opening to push the same political agenda they have been for years.”

Abortion is not healthcare or a “reproductive right.” The horrible political agenda being pushed is Planned Parenthood’s.

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