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Michael Moore


* Multi-millionaire filmmaker and author
* Views America as a deeply racist nation with a violent, gun-crazed culture
* Called the U.S. “a nation that was founded on genocide and then built on the backs of slaves”
* Believes that capitalism is “an evil system”
* Characterized American troops in Iraq as “the occupation,” and the Iraqi insurgents who killed American troops as freedom-fighting “Minutemen” who inevitably would emerge victorious
* Avid supporter of Occupy Wall Street
* Advocates government-run, universal health care
* Says that anthropogenic global warming will “lead to the ruin of our species and much of the planet”

  1. Still the Best Hope: Why the World Needs American Values to Triumph [Kindle Edition], by Dennis Prager (HarperCollins Publishers, 2012), Highlight Loc. 1129-34.

Michael Moore, One-Trick Phony
By Matt Labash
June 8, 1998

The Populist
By Larissa MacFarquhar
February 16, 2004

The Cowardice of Michael Moore
By Daniel Greenfield
February 3, 2015

Long and Thorough List of Lies in Michael Moore’s Bowling for Columbine
March 26, 2003

Viewer Beware: In Bowling for Columbine, Michael Moore Once Again Puts Distortions and Contradictions Before the Truth
November 19, 2002

One Moore Stupid White Man
April 3, 2002

Moore’s Myriad Mistakes
October 16, 2003

Fahrenheit 9/11: The Temperature at Which Michael Moore’s Pants Burn
July 2, 2004

Fifty-Nine Deceits in Fahrenheit 911
By David Kopel


Michael Moore Exposed


Michael Moore is a Big Fat Stupid White Man
By David Hardy and Jason Clarke


Michael Moore Hates America
By Michael Wilson (a documentary)

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