* Media (Organizations)




Adbusters Media Foundation (AMF)
Air America Radio (AAR)
Al Jazeera (AJ)
Al-Aqsa TV
Al-Manar (Television) (AM)
Al-Talib (AT)
Alavi Foundation (AF)
American Broadcasting Company (ABC)
American Family Voices (AFV)
American Independent (TAI)
American Independent News Network (AINN)
Black Commentator (BC)
Boston Globe (BG)
Brave New Films (BNF)
British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC)
Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC)
Center for Independent Media (CIM)
Center for Media and Democracy (CMD)
Columbia Broadcasting System (CBS)
Columbia School of Journalism (CSJ)
CommonDreams (CD)
Current TV (CTV)
Daily Kos (DK)
Deep Dish Television Network (DDTV)
Democracy Now! (DN)
Democracy: A Journal of Ideas (DAJI)
Democratic Underground (DU)
Dissent Magazine
duPont Award
Electronic Intifada (EI)
Environmental Media Services (EMS)
Fairness and Accuracy In Reporting (FAIR)
Fenton Communications (FC)
Free Press (FP)
Free Speech TV (FSTV)
Harper’s Magazine (HM)
Hate Hurts America Interfaith and Community Coalition (HHA)
Huffington Post (HP)
I-Witness Video (IWV)
Independent Media Center (Indymedia) (IMC)
Independent Media Institute (IMI)
Institute for Global Communications (IGC)
Institute for Public Accuracy (IPA)
Jerusalem Media and Communications Center (JMCC)
La Voz de Aztlán (The Voice of Aztlán) (VA)
Left, Right, and Center Radio (LRC)
Left books
LewRockwell.com (LR)
Los Angeles Times (LAT)
Media Consortium (MC)
Media Fund (MF)
Media Matters for America (MMFA)
Monthly Review (MR)
Mother Jones Magazine
MoveOn (MO)
Nation Books (NB)
National Public Radio (NPR)
New Left Review (NLR)
New Sanctuary Movement (NSM) (Sanctuary 2014)
New York Times (NYT)
New York Times Company (NYTC)
NewsCorpWatch (NCW)
North American Animal Liberation Press Office (NAALPO)
Open Left (OL)
Overthrow.com (OT)
Pacifica Radio (PR)
Palestine Media Center (PMC)
Palestine Media Watch (PMW)
Paper Tiger Television (PTTV)
Peabody Awards (PA)
Peace Majority Report (PMR)
ProPublica (PP)
Public Broadcasting Service (PBS)
Pulitzer Prize (PP)
Race Traitor: Journal of the New Abolitionism (RT)
RadioNation (RN)
Shareblue Media
SourceWatch (SW)
Techrocks (TR)
The American Prospect, Inc. (TAP)
The Nation (TN)
The Nation Institute (TNI)
The Progressive (TP)
Think Progress (TP)
TomDispatch (TD)
Viacom (VC)
WikiLeaks (WL)
Z Magazine (Z-Mag)


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