The Nation Institute (TNI)



  • Non-profit entity closely linked to for-profit magazine The Nation
  • Sponsors leftist conferences, fellowships, awards for radical activists, journalism internships, and many other things 
  • “Our graduates…constitute an informal network operating in the mainstream media.”

The Nation Institute is a non-profit entity closely linked to, and operating synergistically with, the for-profit magazine The Nation.

The Institute's Board of Trustees is presided over by former _Nation_ owner-publisher [Hamilton Fish V][2] and includes among its members former _Nation_ owner Arthur Carter, _Nation_ Editor/owner [Katrina vanden Heuvel][3], _Nation_ Publisher/Editorial Director/owner [Victor Navasky][4], Hollywood actor [Tim Robbins][5], and others.  

Founded in 1966, The Institute, according to its website, "sponsors a number of projects including conferences, seminars, televised town hall-style meetings, e-mail and web communications, book publishing, syndicated public affairs radio programming and film production, fellowships and internships."  

One Institute "project" is _[RadioNation][6]_, a weekly syndicated radio program uplinked to satellite via a [National Public Radio][7] (NPR) transponder. The show is hosted by Laura Flanders, who has also worked for [Air America Radio][8] and [Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting][9]. It features a wide range of writers and editors from _The Nation_ and thereby promotes this for-profit magazine's newsstand, subscription, and related enterprise sales. Before Flanders, the program host was [Marc Cooper][10], Contributing Editor to _The Nation_ magazine.  

Another Institute undertaking is Nation Books, a "venture" begun in 2001 in partnership with a for-profit outside publisher. Authors’ revenues are boosted by the advertising of the tax-exempt non-profit _RadioNation_ and _[TomDispatch][11]_.  

The Nation Institute is also involved in giving out at least $130,000 each year in awards and prizes to leftist activists. Moreover, it endows "journalism fellows," almost all of whom already have places on the masthead of _The Nation_ magazine. Recent and ongoing Institute "fellows" include [Eric Alterman][12], [William Greider][13], [Tom Hayden][14], Jack Newfield, Katha Pollitt, and Jonathan Schell. This offers a way to pay with tax-exempt dollars those whose writing produces the for-profit _Nation_ magazine.  

The Nation Institute since 1978 has worked in conjunction with _The Nation_ magazine to recruit, train and influence journalism interns who will carry the Institute’s leftist politics into the mainstream. Former _Nation_ interns have worked at such media outlets as [ABC][15], AP, the _Christian Science Monitor_, [_Harper's_][16], [_Ms_.][17], the _[New York Times][18]_, _The New Yorker_, _The News Hour with Jim Lehrer,_ [_PBS_][19]_-Frontline_, _Time_, UPI, _Vanity Fair_, the _Village Voice_, the _Wall Street Journal_, and the _Washington Post_.  

The Nation Institute receives funding from the Gilder Foundation, the Irene Diamond Fund, the JKW Foundation, the Lannan Foundation,the New York Community Trust, the [Open Society Institute][20], the PLACE Fund, the [Public Welfare Foundation][21], the [Schumann Center for Media and Democracy][22], and the [Stewart R. Mott Charitable Trust][23].

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