Overthrow.com (OT)

Overthrow.com (OT)


* Website that promotes a combination of socialism and anti-Semitism
* Characterizes Palestinian suicide bombers as “anti-bodies fighting a cancer”

Overthrow.com is a website whose Internet homepage begins with an invitation for readers to “Join the National Socialist Movement.” Its Editor and Publisher, Bill White, is a former Pravda columnist and a self-proclaimed anti-Semite. Overthrow.com has positioned itself as the new leader of the Red-Brown political alliance using a brew of socialism, anti-Semitism, and anti-Americanism to unite extremist elements from both sides of the political spectrum. The “Red” of this emerging alliance refers to the anti-capitalists, anti-globalists, and displaced communists who have struggled for political relevance since the fall of the Soviet Union. The “Brown” represents the “brown-shirted” members of the various neo-Nazi movements.

The primary feature of Overthrow.com is Bill White’s Libertarian Socialist News (LSN) service, a collection of news reports handpicked by White and frequently drawn from a variety of biased, unreliable sources, including al-Jazeera, the Iranian Parliament, and www.iraqwwar.ru. Many reports on Overthrow.com list no identifiable source; others simply carry the byline “LSN Staff.” White claims that the stories posted to the LSN service represent “censored information” that is denied mainstream exposure because of politically subversive content.

For instance, on April 10, 2003, Overthrow.com posted a news alert warning: “The U.S. is planning to destroy Tikrit—the entire city. Genocide for 250,000 people with these MOAB [“Mother of All Bombs”] bombs and their less powerful counterparts.”  The following day, Overthrow.com featured a LSN headline that read: “SEC [Securities and Exchange Commission] launches a probe into Israeli 9/11 stock deals: Jews seemed to know attacks were coming.”  The site also supports Palestinian suicide bombers, which it likens to “anti-bodies fighting a cancer.” 

When Overthrow.com actually identifies a mainstream source for its news reports, it frequently compromises the information by adding inaccurate or anti-Semitic commentary. Recently, for example, White posted a piece from National Review simply to grant himself a forum through which he could attack writer Jonah Goldberg as the “Pillsbury Jewboy,” denounce Senior Editor Michael Ledeen as a “Kike Secret Agent,” and propose renaming the publication “The Kike Review.”

Overthrow.com also features an extensive collection of manuals offering instruction on how to create pipe bombs, dry ice bombs, chemical explosive bottles, chemical fire bottles, Molotov cocktails, and E-Z pipe bombs.

On February 20, 2013 Bill White was sentenced to 42 months for soliciting injury to the Matt Hale jury foreman. His release date is now November, 2015.

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