Left, Right, and Center Radio (LRC)

Left, Right, and Center Radio (LRC)


* Left-dominated radio program distributed nationwide to National Public Radio and other stations
* Features left pundits Robert Scheer, Arianna Huffington and Matthew Miller, all of whom have links to radical billionaire George Soros

Left, Right & Center is a left-dominated radio program that characterizes itself as a balanced discussion of current news. Produced weekly by Santa Monica, California National Public Radio (NPR) affiliate KCRW, it is distributed nationwide to NPR stations and others and, since March 2005, has been offered as a podcast to users of the new version of Apple Corporation iPod players. This program has multiple connections to billionaire financier George Soros.

The “Left” on this show’s panel of pundits is represented by Robert Scheer, a former Contributing Editor and columnist at the Los Angeles Times and now a Contributing Editor at The Nation Magazine. 

Currently representing the “Center” on Left, Right & Center is Arianna Huffington. A Republican confidante of Newt Gingrich when still married to millionaire Michael Huffington, Arianna has shifted to the left since her divorce in 1997. An author, syndicated columnist, and Editor of The Huffington Post, she describes herself as a “progessive independent” who is “coming from the fourth dimension of political time and space.” In 2000 Huffington was deeply involved in staging the “Shadow Conventions” designed as media propaganda shows to undermine Republicans and nudge Democrats farther to the left. These mock “conventions” were funded by the “Shadow Party” organizations financed by Soros and other wealthy leftists.

As its conservative Republican voice, Left, Right & Center currently features Washington Times Editorial Page Editor and former Newt Gingrich press secretary Tony Blankley. 

The nominally “centrist” anchor of Left, Right & Center is Matthew Miller, a fellow at the Center for American Progress (CAP) headed by former President Bill Clinton‘s White House Chief of Staff John Podesta and bankrolled by George Soros.

Huffington’s and Miller’s ties to George Soros are public. Robert Scheer has ties to Soros as well. Scheer’s son Christopher Scheer has been a staff writer and Managing Editor of the Left webzine AlterNet, which received funding from Soros’s Open Society Institute

Left, Right & Center was established by longtime General Manager and Program Director of KCRW Ruth Seymour, who under her previous married name, Ruth Hirschman, was General Manager of KPFK, the Los Angeles station owned by Pacifica Radio.

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