Korea Truth Commission (KTC)

Korea Truth Commission (KTC)


* Organization which seeks to prosecute alleged U.S. war crimes committed during the Korean War

A member organization of the International ANSWER steering committee, the Korea Truth Commission (KTC) was founded by Ramsey Clark‘s International Action Center and is based in the latter’s New York and Washington, DC office headquarters. KTC is dedicated to discovering and prosecuting atrocities allegedly committed by the American military during the Korean War (which KTC calls “the war the U.S. illegally waged 50 years ago”); the organization also seeks to eject American troops stationed in the Korean peninsula today.

According to KTC, “Hundreds of thousands of children, women, and elderly people are believed to have been massacred as a result of orders from the top U.S. military leadership [during the Korean War]. Because of the anti-communist/right wing atmosphere whipped up during the McCarthy era, an anti-war opposition in the United States never developed, and the U.S mass media never revealed these horrific crimes. Consequently, Washington and its long series of South Korean client regimes have been able to suppress the Korean people’s cry for justice.”

On June 23, 2001, KTC sponsored a “war crimes tribunal” in New York City. Participants included Ramsey Clark “and other progressive and anti-war activists throughout the country,” who convened to “put the U.S. government, particularly the Washington, DC war-makers, on trial for their crimes against the Korean people.” The prosecution team’s pre-trial investigation process, says KTC, “included a series of trips to south Korea during which activists visited massacre sites, interviewed survivors, and saw evidences that refuted the U.S. contention that the numbers of Korean civilians killed by U.S.-led troops during the war have been exaggerated, and that any killings were not due to commanders’ orders but to panic and inexperience of the troops.”

KTC also opposes “the continued presence [in South Korea] of 37,000 U.S. troops who have committed more than 100,000 crimes against civilians since 1953. … [L]ess than 1 % of those despicable crimes have been brought to Korean legal systems.”

KTC’s activities have drawn strong support from The Marxist-Leninist Daily, newspaper of the Communist Party of Canada.

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