Fox Valley Peace Coalition (FVPC)

Fox Valley Peace Coalition (FVPC)


* Advocates diversion of U.S. tax dollars from military to social welfare programs
* Opposes military response to terrorism

A member organization of the United for Peace and Justice anti-war coalition, the Wisconsin-based Fox Valley Peace Coalition (FVPC) was founded in the late fall of 2002 to protest the United States’ threatened invasion of Iraq. During the months leading up to the war’s commencement in March 2003, FVPC held vigils, rallies, and educational meetings condemning America’s allegedly unwarranted aggression.

“We strive to promote peace and social-economic justice in our homes, community, nation, and world through education, advocacy, and witness,” says the FVPC mission statement. Specifically, the organization advocates a radical restructuring of the U.S. federal budget, calling for decreased military expenditures and, conversely, increased funding for programs aimed at “the social welfare of all citizens, ensuring public education, environmental protection, and affordable health care for all.” Viewing military action as unjustifiable under any and all circumstances, FVPC suggests that America’s wars overseas are motivated by racism, and exhorts the U.S. to accept “cultural diversity within our society and throughout the world.”

FVPC holds a rally on the first Saturday of each month. It also runs an anti-military recruitment campaign, encouraging high schools not to share students’ personal contact information with recruiters. To keep its members informed about issues of concern, FVPC periodically sends legislative alerts to all its members via email. The organization’s main contact person is Ronna Swift.

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