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National Education Association (NEA)


* America’s largest labor union
* Advocates leftist positions on a host of issues, including abortion, sex education, teen pregnancy, school prayer, socialized medicine, affordable housing, drug testing, prisoner rights, bilingual education, global warming, and health care
* Opposes merit pay for teachers
* Opposes school vouchers
* Ranks among the leading funders of the Democratic Party
* Has contributed vast sums to many leftwing organizations
* Assets: $143,563,347 (2009)
* Grants Received: $352,393,169 (2009)
* Grants Awarded: $114,391,503 (2009)

  1. According to a NAEP report: “On average, being in a small class does not increase the likelihood that a student will attain a higher score on the NAEP reading test,” and “children in the smallest classes … do not score higher than students in the largest classes.”In 2003, Hoover Institution senior fellow Eric Hanushek scoured the existing educational literature for rigorous econometric studies estimating the degree to which class size might impact student achievement. Of the 276 different estimates which he found, just 14% were both positive and statistically significant; another 14% were significantly negative; and 72% were statistically insignificant. Thus the modal finding of the literature was that class-size reduction had no impact on student performance. Says a Heritage Foundation analysis, “It is quite likely, in fact, that class size as a variable pales in comparison with the effects of many factors not included in the NAEP data, such as teacher quality and teaching methods.” In a separate report, scholars Nina Rees and Kirk Johnson conclude that: “Hiring more teachers might be good for teachers unions, which would love to see their membership rolls expand at taxpayer expense. But it will do little to help school children get a better education.”

The National Education Association’s Radical Agenda for Public Education
By Richard L. Cravatts


Largest Teachers Union Endorses CRT Curriculum Nationwide
By Prager University
July 12, 2021

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