Gore: ‘We Have to Be Ready for the President to Double Down’

Gore: ‘We Have to Be Ready for the President to Double Down’

September 17, 2020

Wednesday on CNN’s Cuomo Prime Time, former Vice President Al Gore told blowhard host Chris Cuomo that President Trump has mishandled the coronavirus pandemic and the “climate crisis,” and his next objective could be to undermine American democracy.

“We have a lot of challenges in our democracy right now, Chris,” Gore warned. “And the president, as I said, is making the pandemic and the climate crisis worse. He is also making this challenge to our democracy worse by spreading false information, by trying to undermine the confidence in mail-in voting, which has never favored either party…

“And when I hear him say with mock horror that we might not even know the election result on election night, I remember another feature of the 2000 election is, it lasted 36 days, before the Supreme Court decision,” Gore continued. “And with all these mail-in ballots, it’s going to take some time to count them. And, as you know, one of the possible outcomes is that those who vote in-person on the day of the election may tilt one way. When they count this flood of mail-in ballots, it will reverse. At least, that’s what some of the analysts are telling us to watch out for. So, we have to be ready for the president to double down on his attacks on the integrity of American democracy,” he added. “And we all need to be prepared to defend it.”

Shameless projection. The real attack on the integrity of our democracy is the Democrat push for mail-in voting, which is ripe for the voter fraud Dems know they need to win. It is the Democrats themselves who have exacerbated the pandemic, spread disinformation about so-called climate change, and sown a lack of confidence about the election outcome — because they know Trump will win on November 3rd.

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