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Born in Queens,  New York on August 9, 1970, Christopher Charles Cuomo is a licensed attorney and a television news anchor with CNN. He is the son of the late New York State Governor Mario Cuomo, and the brother of Andrew Cuomo. Chris Cuomo strongly supported President Barack Obama‘s 2012 DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals) executive action,

Born in Queens,  New York on August 9, 1970, Christopher Charles Cuomo is a licensed attorney and a television news anchor with CNN. He is the son of the late New York State Governor Mario Cuomo, and the brother of Andrew Cuomo.

Chris Cuomo strongly supported President Barack Obama‘s 2012 DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals) executive action, which granted most DREAM Act-eligible individuals temporary legal status, work permits, access to social services, and protection from deportation. In a January 2018 interview with Republican Congressman Mario Diaz-Balart, Cuomo said that “Obama had to do that executive action, because it’s the only thing he could get done. You guys [Republicans] would do nothing, and this was the only protection those people could get.” That same month, Cuomo praised congressional Democrats for “saying that Dreamers [young-adult illegal aliens who first came to the U.S. as minors] don’t deserve to be treated like dogs and thrown out of the country.” In February 2018, Cuomo denounced the idea of spending billions of taxpayer dollars “for a [border] wall that isn’t necessary.”[1]

During a February 2014 interview regarding a proposed state law designed to protect business owners in Arizona from being required to perform services that violated their religious or moral values – e.g., baking and decorating cakes for same-sex weddings – Cuomo accused the bill’s supporters of trying to “enforce intolerance.”[2]

Cuomo rejects the principle that, as Alabama Chief Justice Roy Moore articulated in a February 2015 interview, “our rights contained in the Bill of Rights do not come from the Constitution; they come from God.” “Our laws do not come from God,” Cuomo replied, “… and you know that. They come from man…. Our rights do not come from God.”[3]

Cuomo – who in February 2015 said that “the Republican Party has a problem with science” – embraces the notion that the greenhouse-gas emissions associated with human industrial activity are major causes of potentially cataclysmic “climate change.” Those who hold a different view, says Cuomo, are akin to people who, in ages past, “thought the world was flat,” “thought blacks and whites shouldn’t marry,” and “thought blacks shouldn’t be equal. “It’s become a little bit of a pet for the right fringe of [the Republican] Party, playing with the realities of science,” Cuomo said in August 2017, adding that “most in the scientific community” say that “climate change is real” and that “human behavior is central to this incident.”[4]

In a July 2015 interview with Michael Cohen, then-presidential candidate Donald Trump’s special counsel, Cuomo said that the term “sanctuary cities” was a “misnomer,” and that such locales were “not safe havens” for illegal aliens “the way you’re describing.” In February 2017 Cuomo lamented that “some families have been jeopardized and broken up by [immigration law] enforcement actions.” And in March 2018 he praised Pope Francis as someone who believed that “being pro-life means you don’t split up families in the name of immigration policy.”[5]

In August 2015, Cuomo voiced concern that a new report on the rape culture of the Islamic terrorist group ISIS would “fee[d] the impression that these Muslims are animals, savages, and [that] their faith makes them that way.” In December 2016, he charged that “sixty percent” of Republicans “think all jihadis are Muslim.” As the Media Research Center subsequently pointed out: “Since jihad is a concept from the Islamic faith, a jihadi, by definition, would indeed be a Muslim waging a religious-based war for Islam.”[6]

In 2016, Cuomo insisted that Hillary Clinton “did not do anything illegal” by using a private server for all of her State Department email communications during her tenure as Secretary of State. Falsely claiming that “[no] classified information got sent” via that server, Cuomo conceded only that Clinton’s actions had been “poorly thought out.”[7]

In December 2016, Cuomo explained that Donald Trump had won the recent presidential election on the strength of support from many white people who were feeling “victimized” by Islam, and who had the attitude that “now it’s our turn.” On a later occasion, Cuomo said that Trump’s campaign slogan, “Make America Great Again,” “was always a call to go back to times when you didn’t have the kind of progress you have, you didn’t have the inclusiveness you have, things were simpler and harsher.”[8]

In November 2017, Cuomo said that if the Justice Department were to appoint a special counsel to investigate Hillary Clinton‘s role in the “Uranium One” deal – a 2010 transaction that had placed 20% of all U.S. uranium reserves under Russian control while greatly enriching the Clinton Foundation – it would be nothing more than a “political spitball contest.” He also stated, without evidence, that the uranium in question was not “weapons grade stuff,” but rather, was “all for domestic use.”
In 2017-18, Cuomo said that Voter ID laws were designed to “disenfranchise” nonwhites and poor people by creating a “chilling effect.”[9]

Asserting that President Trump “sees diversity as a minus” and favors “a policy of exclusion,” Cuomo in January 2018 told White House deputy press secretary Raj Shah that the Trump administration was engaged in “a pretty intentional effort to make illegal immigrants – as you call them – monsters.” He also falsely stated that illegals “are incarcerated at lower rates than the rest of the population,” and he grossly misrepresented a DHS report as one “which fictionalizes the risk of terror that is represented by people who come into this country illegally,” “make[s] them all into villains,” and “says [that] basically three out of four of them may be terrorists.” “If you were really worried about who’s killing people in the name of terror in this country, you’d be focused on white supremacists,” added Cuomo. “That’s your biggest threat.”[10]

In a February 2018 interview with Cuomo, former Trump presidential campaign adviser Michael Caputo complained that journalists were reporting, “like stenographers,” the many illegal leaks that were coming from special counsel Robert Mueller’s office, which was investigating the Trump presidential campaign. Cuomo, in turn, defended the leaks as “part of the currency of journalism.” On a separate occasion, he told Republican Congressman Jim Jordan that “if we didn’t rely on leaks, we would allow so much B.S. to get directly to the American people.”[11]

When the Commerce Department announced in 2018 that the 2020 Census questionnaire would include a question asking participants whether or not they are U.S. citizens, Cuomo voiced concern that illegal immigrants “won’t want to come forward” and take part in the census at all, which might result in “underreporting” that would give Republicans an “advantage” with regard to congressional “redistricting.”[12]

On May 28, 2016, Cuomo’s wife, Cristina, hosted a party for her Beach magazine staffers at Jue Lan Club in Southampton, New York. That night, Mr. Cuomo crashed his 1969 Pontiac Firebird convertible into a parked Mercedes while drag racing with a friend. The collision caused the radiator in Cuomo’s car to crack and leak fluid. According to sources cited by, “They got him away from the scene fast. Everybody heard it. It was a full-blown drag race…. He was drinking, and I believe that’s why he was sent home. Everyone saw the state he was in. When he crashed, it got really quiet.”[13]

As of 2016, Cuomo’s annual salary was approximately $2.5 million, and his net worth was about $7 million.

In May 2019, Cuomo, speaking about the radical anarchist/Marxist organization Antifa, said: “There are certainly aspects of them that are true to a cause, that is a good cause, they want social justice, they want whatever they want in that context.”[14]

In August 2019, Cuomo became involved in an angry confrontation with a man who referred to him as “Fredo,” a reference to the dimwitted middle brother of the Corleone sons in The Godfather. Shouting at the man, Cuomo claimed that “Fredo” was “an Italian aspersion” that was “like the ‘N word’ for us.” Initially unaware that he was being videotaped, the livid newsman told his adversary that he would “fu**ing ruin your sh**” and “fu**ing throw you down the stairs.” When a video of the altercation subsequently went viral on the Internet, critics began to note that the term “Fredo” had been used repeatedly on CNN to deride a Republican congressman as well as Donald Trump Jr. — including once on Cuomo’s own program. And on one occasion in January 2010, radio host Curtis Sliwa had interviewed Cuomo about whether the latter’s brother Andrew might run for governor of New York. Stating that he had dubbed the Cuomo family “la Cuomo Nostra,” Sliwa said: “There is a group of people — politicos — who always hint they might run, but not necessarily plunge all the way, and they are members of la Cuomo.” In reponse, Chris Cuomo asked humorously: “Who am I, then, Fredo?”[15] (For video of Cuomo’s August 2019 confrontation as well as several occasions when the word “Fredo” had been spoken on CNN, click here.)

In September 2019, Cuomo interviewed former congressional candidate Elizabeth Heng, who had recently narrated an advertisement highlighting the dangers of socialism and criticizing the “ignorance” of the openly socialist U.S. Congresswoman Alexandria Ocaio-Cortez. Downplaying the role that socialism had played in the Cambodian genocide of the 1970s, Cuomo said: “You are so well-educated. You know that, you know, you can talk about socialism any way you want. Pol Pot was a brutal autocrat and dictator. That wasn’t about socialism. That was about him being an evil human being. You know, you can go to Scandinavia or Denmark, and see socialism. They’re not killing people. Why paint with that kind of brush against a set of ideas coming from a Democrat in your own country?” In her reply. Heng noted that “Pol Pot learned socialist ideologies in France and wanted to create this utopia. And … quickly, that evolved into the murderous regime … which it became…. Canada and Denmark and some of those other places … they have become capitalist nations.” Later in the interview, Cuomo told Heng: “People like your family and what you represent … your fight is with the President [Trump] that you support. He’s the one who talks about your parents like they’re ‘some other’ that shouldn’t be in this country.” Cuomo also accused Trump of “embracing dictators everywhere he finds them.”[16]

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