Chuck Kaufman

Chuck Kaufman


* National co-coordinator of the Nicaragua Network
* Died on December 28, 2021

Chuck Kaufman is the national co-coordinator of the Nicaragua Network (NN), a lobbying organization that shares its Washington, D.C. office with the Mexico Solidarity Network, which in turn shares the same address with International ANSWER. The NN was established, by its own account, “to support the popular struggle to overthrow the 45-year U.S.-supported Somoza family dictatorship [in Nicaragua], and . . . to support the efforts of the Sandinista Revolution to provide a better life for the nation’s people.” Castro-trained Marxists, the Sandinistas established a dictatorship in Nicaragua and expropriated the land of Nicaraguan peasants.

Filled with contempt for the United States and what he deems its “selfish grasping for money and power,” Kaufman has been a harsh critic of American foreign policy for many years. In a 2004 letter to NN members and supporters, Kaufman stated, “For more than a century, my country [the U.S.] has killed Nicaragua’s children, destroyed its economy, wiped out every social advance of the Sandinista Revolution, and raped the environment. But, impotent anger doesn’t stop the carnage – only persistent opposition by you and me and our friends and neighbors will end it. That means old fashioned organizing such as . . . demos, pickets, and civil disobedience.”

Kaufman died on December 28, 2021 in Tucson, Arizona.

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