Muslim Students Association—Towson University (MSA-TU)

Muslim Students Association—Towson University (MSA-TU)


* Has hosted lectures by such radical Islamists as Abdul Alim Musa and Muhammad al-Asi

An affiliate of the Muslim Students Association (MSA) of the U.S. & Canada, the Towson University MSA states that its mission is to “educate the Towson Community about the existence of Muslims on campus and in the world,” and to “promote tolerance and respect towards the often misunderstood religion of Islam.”

Notwithstanding this benign-sounding objective, in November 2008 Towson MSA hosted a lecture by the radical Imam Abdul Alim Musa, who told his listeners that the United States and Israel were responsible for the 9/11 attacks; that President-elect Barack Obama was an “idiot” because “no black man should believe in America”; that Martin Luther King, Jr. was a coward who should have advocated violence as a means of winning civil rights for blacks; that no Islamic terrorist entity named al-Qaeda even existed; that the war on drugs “has broken down the backbone of the blacks”; and that America’s war on terror was a war against Islam. Further, Musa pledged that he would work tirelessly to transform the United States into an Islamic, Sharia-governed state by no later than the year 2050.

Following Musa’s talk, the president of Towson MSA defended Musa as someone who was “not racist or illogical.” As per Musa’s remarks about those who were culpable for the 9/11 attacks, the MSA leader stated:

“Basically the Imam said ‘you have to find out who had a motive, who had the ability to do it, who would gain from this, and who has a history of doing this.’ He cited events [that were], as well as 9/11, fabricated to fulfill the same interests of those in power…. As a Muslim, and an Arab, I know that a vast majority of people in the Islamic East do not accept the theory of 9/11 by ‘Al-Qaeda,’ or not independently at the least.”

Also in November 2008, Towson MSA hosted a lecture on Israel and Palestine featuring Imam Muhammad al-Asi from the Islamic Center in Washington, DC. According to the Towson University campus newspaper:

“Al-Asi said the Jewish homeland was established according to Zionist ideology, and in its building block elements is a racist, an exclusivist, discriminatory and oppressive system that has victimized the Palestinian population…. According to al-Asi, those who belong to the Jewish faith have to realize how Zionism is a ‘disease that is in their body,’ and they have to purge their body of this disease and of this political toxin.”

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