Muslim Students Association—Rutgers University (RU-MSA)

Muslim Students Association—Rutgers University (RU-MSA)


* Hosted a 2010 event featuring a guest appearance by Hamas member  Mohammed Qatanani
* Strongly objected to Islamo-Fascism Awareness Week in 2007

The Rutgers University Muslim Students Association (RU-MSA) seeks to: “provide services to the Muslim community and the overall community on campus”; “teach essential knowledge about Islam to the campus community in order to foster the correct understanding of Islam and to encourage faith to be put into action (i.e. good deeds)”; and “foster brotherhood and sisterhood between the Muslims on campus by providing gateways for them to connect and form strong bonds that last a lifetime.”

RU-MSA teaches that the Prophet Mohammed is “the final messenger of God,” “the greatest man to have ever lived,” “a prime example for all Muslims today,” and “a role model with [sic] distinct practices that can only bring you closer to Allah.”

In October 2007 the Terrorism Awareness Project held a series of Islamo-Fascism Awareness Week (IFAW) events at Rutgers and 113 additional universities across the United States — in an effort to educate students about the nature of the fanatical religious movement aiming to create a global Muslim empire. Mustafa Gatollari, president of RU-MSA, derided IFAW as “an attempt to further contribute to the paranoia that a lot of neo-cons are trying to instill in the American public … instead of addressing any of our own country’s problems.” “I don’t even agree with the term ‘Islamo-Fascism,’” added RU-MSA treasurer Samir Hashmi. “A fascist government is a government run by dictators, and I think by using that word, they’re just trying to get people emotional…. This kind of event is just good for reinforcing stereotypes.”

In March 2010, RU-MSA hosted an event featuring a guest appearance by Mohammed Qatanani, Imam of the Islamic Center of Passaic County, one of New Jersey’s largest and most controversial mosques. A member of the Muslim Brotherhood‘s student chapter in his youth, Qatanini later became a member of Hamas.

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