Millions More Movement (MMM)

Millions More Movement (MMM)


* Founded on the premise that America is a racist nation that oppresses blacks
* Calls for unity of black leadership against American injustice
* Favors a socialist economic model
* Demands reparations for slavery
* Advocates socialized medicine
* Seeks to cultivate race-consciousness among African Americans

Established in 2005 by Louis Farrakhan, the Millions More Movement (MMM) contends that black Americans live in comparatively abysmal conditions as a result of pervasive, intractable inequities that are woven into the very fabric of U.S. society and its institutions. “The masses of our people,” says MMM, “are on a Death March into the oven of social deterioration, broken homes, broken marriages, broken minds, broken spirit, evolving from a string of broken promises by government and leadership that has failed to help our people turn around the misery and wretchedness of our condition.”

To remedy these afflictions, MMM suggests: “Our unity, the pooling of our resources, financially and intellectually will solve 95% of our problems. … It is time for us as leaders to come together and begin to think, plan, and act on behalf of the whole of our people.”

While MMM calls for “unity and understanding among [all] our religious faiths and spiritual traditions,” the organization clearly holds Islam in higher esteem than other faiths. Says MMM: “Allah (God) has given us gifts, skills and talents that must be gathered, harnessed, organized and structured in a way that will enable us to lift our people from where we are to where Allah (God) wants us to be.”

MMM identifies its ten key “Issues” as follows:

1. Unity: “We call for unity amongst all African peoples and peoples of African descent worldwide. We call for unity with our Brown, Red, disenfranchised and oppressed Brothers and Sisters in America, Caribbean, Central and South America, Asia and all over the world.”

2. Spiritual Values: “We call for Atonement, Reconciliation and Responsibility. We organize in the name of our God (The One Creator) and on sound ethical, moral principles and values. Our Movement … calls for unity and understanding among our religious faiths and spiritual traditions.”

3. Education: “We demand an end to substandard education in our community. … We must have a knowledge of self, our history, and the best education in civilized society. We will build a skills bank, the talent of which will be used in the development of our people.”

4. Economic Development: “We will establish a Black Economic Development Fund, with the support of millions, to aid in building an economic infrastructure. We will also offer housing ownership opportunities to check the adverse tide of gentrification. The Millions More Movement will produce and distribute its own products and supports ‘Buy Black’ campaigns.”

5. Political Power: “The Millions More Movement is the political voice of the poor and disenfranchised. We are resolved to take an independent political path in order to achieve political power.”

6. Reparations: “We demand full and complete Reparations for the descendants of slaves. We demand that America take the appropriate steps to help in the repair of the damage done from 300 years of slavery, 100 years of segregation, and 50 years of the misuse and abuse of governmental power to destroy Black organizations and leaders.”

7. Prison Industrial Complex: “We demand freedom for all political prisoners held in U.S. prisons and detention facilities, both foreign and domestic. We demand an end to police brutality, mob attacks, racial profiling, the herding of our young men and women into prisons and the biological and chemical warfare perpetrated against our people.”

8. Health: “We demand an end to the lack of adequate health care in our community and we demand free health care for the descendants of slaves in this nation.”

9. Artistic/ Cultural Development: “We demand a greater accountability and responsibility of our artists, entertainers, industry personnel and executives, for them to commit to the redevelopment and upliftment [sic] of our people. We demand an end to the exploitation of our talent by outside forces. We will make strides in obtaining greater control over the means of production and distribution of our immense artistic talent and creative genius.”

10. Peace: “We call for the establishment of peace in the world. We demand an end to wars of foreign aggression waged by the United States Government against other sovereign nations and peoples.”

MMM’s founding event was an October 15, 2005 rally in Washington, DC to commemorate the tenth anniversary of Farrakhan’s Million Man March. Supporters and co-conveners of this demonstration included Marion Barry, Julian Bond, Benjamin Chavis Muhammad, the Congressional Black CaucusJesse Jackson, Leonard Jeffries, Maulana Karenga, Coretta Scott King, Julianne Malveaux, Kweisi Mfume, Carol Moseley-Braun, the National Bar Association, the National Council of Negro Women, the National Urban League, the New Black Panther Party, Eleanor Holmes Norton, the Progressive National Baptist Convention, Malik Zulu Shabazz, Al Sharpton, Russell Simmons, the Southern Christian Leadership Conference, Kanye West, and D.C. Mayor Anthony Williams.

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