Mexica Movement (MM)

Mexica Movement (MM)


* Believes that North America was unjustly “stolen” from its rightful owners by white Europeans
* Rejects the legitimacy of any North or Central American nation named or established by Europeans
* Advocates open borders
* Calls for the expulsion of all whites from North America

The Mexica Movement (MM) derives its name from “Mexica” (Meh-shee-kah), which is purportedly the original Aztec way of pronouncing “Mexican.”

MM calls itself “the Nican Tlaca (Indigenous) rights educational organization for the people of Anahuac [Ah-nah-wahk].” Anahuac is what the Mexica Movement calls “the true name of our nation,” which it says European “invaders” unjustly “stole,” carved up, and renamed. MM rejects the legitimacy of all North and Central American nations named or established by Europeans — including not only the U.S., but also Belize, Canada, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico, and Nicaragua.

The Mexica Movement takes pains to distinguish itself from what it terms “the Spain-centric and error-filled ‘Aztlan’ … agenda,” which calls for Mexico’s “re-conquest” of the American Southwest. MM’s aims go much farther, seeking “the total liberation of our Anahuac continent (‘North America’) not just to where the European Spaniards drew their colonial borders on our continent.” According to MM, this includes every portion of what are currently called Canada, Central America, Mexico, and the United States.

MM views existing borders as the arbitrary constructs of squatters who are illegally occupying land that is not rightfully theirs. “This whole continent is our homeland,” says MM. “We are not bound by the colonial illegal boundaries of the Europeans … We have no obligation to be foreigners in our own land, on our own continent.” In MM’s calculus, the entire North American land mass should be open to the unfettered migrations of all its indigenous inhabitants — who constitute “one Anahuac nation” whose far-flung, disparate populations are linked by “historic[al], cultural, linguistic, and racial factors.” By this reasoning, white Americans (like their ancestors before them) are the real “illegals” — intruders in a land where they do not rightfully belong. 

MM summarizes the white European influence in North America as follows: “Terrorism is European colonialism’s main tool against Non-European people all over the world. … This first attack was by the pirate-terrorist Columbus and his raping criminal racist thugs. … Colonialism is the European parasitic habitual crime of invading other people’s land, stealing their resources, destroying their society, committing genocide against the majority of the people … enslaving the remaining population, and culturally annihilating them. …” 

In MM’s view, the only equitable resolution to this horrific legacy is for Europeans to make “full reparations for our people,” “return the continent to its rightful heirs,” and “go home to their homeland: Europe.”

Lamenting that its ideal of racial purity has been somewhat compromised by the interbreeding that has occurred during the “European colonialism and racism that has enslaved us for over 500 years,” MM nonetheless declares: “Being Mixed-blood … does not stop us from being Nican Tlaca, no matter how ‘white’ one looks. The shades and physical looks of our Mixed-blood people are just scars from the rape of our nation. These scars do not define us! Our core blood, our Pre-European history, our heritage, and our land are all what define us!”

While working toward that long-range goal, MM counsels its people to steadfastly eschew any impulse to assimilate into America’s illegitimate society or to embrace its inherently corrupt values. “We are educating our people against the ignorant suicidal assimilation into European blood and culture,” says MM. “… Assimilation is the slow motion kill. Assimilation means marrying white to kill the brown in us, to kill the heart of us. Assimilation means the end of us. Assimilation sucks us down into the white race. Assimilation kills our race. Assimilation is the death of us. Assimilation is racism. Assimilation is Genocide.”

Just as the Mexica Movement rejects the validity of American borders, so does it reject Western-imposed “racist colonial” labels such as “Hispanic” and “Latino” — terms MM claims were designed to “‘kill off’ our people’s true identity, history, independence, and our rights to our land and its wealth.”

MM advocates a form of socialism / communism as an economic ideal, but rejects “European people’s Eurocentric Marxist … social agendas [that] ignore or minimize … the ongoing racist crimes of the Europeans.” Claiming that Karl Marx himself derived his “best solutions” from “research[ing] … our Nican Tlaca societies,” MM says, “we don’t need the European Karl Marx interpreting the success of our ancestors’ collective societies to us. With proper study, we can interpret ourselves to ourselves a lot better than Mr. Karl Marx.”

“But worse than the Marxist approach for our people,” says MM, “is the suicidal embrace of individualism, materialism, capitalism, ‘Christianity’ … Each of these approaches offer us the ‘opportunity’ to work within colonialism — and the guaranteed extermination of our people. … We are today in the process of being digested by the worldwide European empire that has been built on massive piracy, exploitation, lies, oppression, racism, slavery, cultural destruction, and genocide.”

The Mexica Movement does not confine its activism solely to the goal of returning North America to its pre-Columbian “owners.” MM is a member of the bitterly anti-Israel “Free Palestine Coalition,” along with such organizations as the All African People’s Revolutionary Party, the American Arab-Anti-Discrimination Committee, the Black Radical Congress, Coalition in Solidarity with Cuba, Committee in Solidarity with the People of El Salvador (CISPES), the Chapter of the Committees of Correspondence for Democracy and Socialism, the Council on American Islamic Relations, the Freedom Socialist Party, the Humanitarian Law Project, Ramsey Clark‘s Marxist-Leninist International Action Center, the Islamic Association for Palestine, the National Lawyers Guild, the Palestinian American Women Association, Friends of Sabeel, the Socialist Workers Party, and Veterans For Peace.

In July 2006, Mexica Movement called for “an immediate international boycott against The Walt Disney Company and all of its holdings.” The boycott was intended as retribution for Disney having allegedly “made a habit of hiring talk show hosts who spread the Minutemen white supremacist racist agenda against the Mexican and Central American communities in the United States.” Specifically, MM cited Paul Harvey and Doug McIntyre, both of whom are nationally syndicated by Disney-owned ABC, as “the top racist Nazis in this campaign against our people”; it accused the pair of “promoting racist hate against our people and … promoting an atmosphere of fear in our communities.”

McIntyre had earned the wrath of MM when he gave wide exposure to a taxpayer-funded Los Angeles school whose principal, Marcos Aguilar, advocates racial segregation and considers his school to be part of a larger cultural “struggle” to take possession of the American Southwest. MM villified Harvey as “the other monster,” a man who is “proud of the racist genocide that Europeans committed against the Indigenous people of this continent,” and “the KKK of the radio airwaves.” The organization vowed to continue the boycott “until we are assured of the immediate firing of all of Disney’s ABC racist radio terrorists.” 

MM’s current leader is Olin Tezcatlitoca, who maintains the organization’s website. In July 2007 Tezcatlitoca said that “Europeans forced their way into our [North American] continent” and now “should go home.” “This is outrageous,” he added, “for us who are indigenous people to be told we cannot migrate on our own land. … We’re saying we lost this land 150 years ago in a clearly unjust war, in a clearly racist war against our people.” Tezcatlitoca has characterized both the National Council of La Raza and MECha as too moderate in their approaches. He describes the former as a “mainstream organization which isn’t working in the interests of the people,” and the latter as “more like college party clubs.”

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