Iraq Action Coalition (IAC)

Iraq Action Coalition (IAC)


* Anti-Iraq War, anti-American website
* Sponsors the website, which claims that U.S. forces are committing war crimes

The Iraq Action Coalition (IAC) calls itself “an online media and activists’ resource center for groups and activists who are working to end the war against the people of Iraq.”

IAC acknowledges no connection between the poverty, malnutrition, disease, and infant mortality rates of pre-war Iraq on the one hand, and the abuses of Saddam Hussein’s regime on the other. Instead the organization attributes those calamities to UN sanctions, which it characterized as a “siege” on the Iraqi populace. Moreover, IAC likens America’s 2003 invasion of Iraq to the 1945 bombing of Hiroshima — depicting both events as unwarranted uses of military force that needlessly killed many thousands of innocent people.

IAC sponsors the website, which is replete with charges that the U.S. military incursion into Iraq was motivated by a dual lust for conquest and oil, and that American soldiers are guilty of widespread atrocities, torture, and war crimes.

The Iraq Action Coalition also sponsors Voices in the Wilderness‘ Iraq Peace Team, which sent more than 70 delegations to Iraq from 1996-2003, proudly and defiantly violating economic sanctions against Saddam Hussein’s regime.

The Coordinator of IAC is Rania Masri, who also serves as Director of the Southern Peace Research and Education Center; a National Board member of Peace Action; a member of the Iraq Speakers Bureau; and a member of the United for Peace and Justice steering committee.

The Iraq Action Coalition maintains ties to Ramsey Clark’s International Action Center, an offshoot of the Marxist-Leninist Workers World Party. IAC also has ties to the Detroit-based Focus on American and Arab Interests and Relations, and it endorses the views and campaigns of the American Friends Service Committee.

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