Bilal Islamic Center (BIC)

Bilal Islamic Center (BIC)


* Los Angeles mosque funded by Saudi Wahhabists

The Bilal Islamic Center (BIC) is a mosque located in South Central Los Angeles. It receives donations from Saudi Arabia, including interest-free funding from the Saudi-based Islamic Bank, a multibillion dollar investment outfit run by numerous Arab governments.  In addition, BIC “works closely” with the Culver City, California-based King Fahd Mosque, which is also heavily funded by the Saudi government. Moreover, BIC is affiliated with the Muslim American Society, an offshoot of the Nation of Islam.

BIC’s membership consists mainly of African-American Muslims who are heavily influenced by the Saudi backers of the mosque through Wahhabist Imams who advocate global jihad. The Center is also influenced by the Black Muslim Movement in America, which in the past has aligned itself with Mohammar Qadhafi of Libya.

BIC first came to the attention of the news media when one of its members, Asan Akbar (formerly Mark Fidel Kools), who was serving with the U.S. military in Saudi Arabia during Operation Iraqi Freedom, rolled three grenades into his officers’ tent, killing two American officers and then wounding 14 U.S. servicemen with his assault rifle as they fled.

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