Ard el Atfal (AA)

Ard el Atfal (AA)


* Highly politicized NGO that blames Israel for the suffering of Palestinians

Ard el Atfal is a partner organization of Ard el Insan, Terre des Hommes, and the United Nations Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA). Its activities are focused mainly in the Palestinian refugee areas of Gaza and the West Bank, where it seeks to aid residents with primary health care and nutrition. Like its aforementioned affiliates, Ard el Atfal is a highly politicized NGO that blames Israel for the suffering of Palestinians. It receives funding from American Near East Refugee Aid and, through UNRWA, from the European Union

Ard el Atfal’s current programs include the following:

Child Health: This program focuses on providing remedial and preventive care for “children who suffer from diseases of poverty such as malnutrition, anaemia and diseases associated with the environment.” 

Women’s Health: This program works “to provide women in the reproductive phase” with preventive care and medical guidance. 

Health Education: Based on the premise that “many diseases result from the wrong habits or ignorance,” this program sponsors classes and seminars targeting mainly women and children.

Mental Health: This program offers “psychological support to mothers, children and families” in need of such services.

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