Waters: Dems ‘Absolutely’ Have Enough Evidence to Impeach

Waters: Dems ‘Absolutely’ Have Enough Evidence to Impeach

September 27, 2019

Thursday on CNN’s Cuomo Prime Time, Rep. Maxine Waters declared that Democrats “absolutely” have plenty of evidence to draft articles of impeachment against President Trump over the Ukraine “scandal.”

“Do you think you know enough at this point, congresswoman, to say there is enough here for articles of impeachment?” asked host Chris Cuomo. Waters responded, “Absolutely.”

“The president himself admitted that he had a telephone conversation with the president of Ukraine,” Waters said, as if calling another world leader is illegal or improper. Trump even released the transcript of the call, forcing impeachment-obsessed Democrats like Waters to fall back on belief instead of evidence:

“He also said he talked to him about [Joe] Biden. And I believe that in that conversation, he did exactly what is being said about the conversation by others — that he was asking this president to help him with the kind of investigation that would lead into dirt about Biden.” [Emphasis added]

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