Sean Penn Shames U.S. for Not Arming Ukraine Faster

Sean Penn Shames U.S. for Not Arming Ukraine Faster

February 20, 2023

After a Berlin screening of his documentary Superpower on Saturday, actor and left-wing activist Sean Penn declared that the United States needs to accept “a level of shame” for not sending enough arms and money to Ukraine fast enough in its fight against Russian invaders.

“If you imagine what it is if Russia wins, we are all fucked. Just dead fucked,” Penn said. “We are already as Americans, I can say, we are having to take on board a level of shame for not having scaled up sooner with the weapons.”

“I think that it’s very clear that, whatever it is going to take to keep U.S. troops out of there [Ukraine], ultimately we will do. And so why not now?” he continued.

Does Penn not realize that escalating our military support for Ukraine absolutely will lead to our troops fighting in Ukraine’s war?

“I don’t like a creepy little bully threatening [Ukraine President Zelensky] and his country,” added Penn, who has cozied up to every creepy little bully dictator in the Western hemisphere from Fidel Castro to Hugo Chavez, at whose death Penn cried.

As for his own documentary of the war between Russia and Ukraine, Penn admitted, “This is not an unbiased film because this is not an unambiguous war. The word ‘propaganda’ can be used as a disparagement. As part of showing the truth of Ukraine’s absolute unity in pursuing all those things without which life is not worth living, then I’m very happy to be considered a propagandist.”

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