Sean Penn: Republican Leaders ‘Are the Party of Putin’

Sean Penn: Republican Leaders ‘Are the Party of Putin’

October 22, 2020

Tuesday on Twitter, dictator-loving actor Sean Penn, who had a gushy bromance with Venezuela’s socialist strongman Hugo Chavez, buddied up with Cuba’s communist dictator Raul Castro, and hung out with Russian president Vladimir Putin, had the nerve to label Republican leaders “the party of Putin.”

“Republican leaders have given themselves a lot of slack as they’ve fallen into the ‘party of Trump,’” Penn tweeted. “The reality is that they are the party of Putin. Trump is just the brand. He’s the salesman, the vessel, who sold them prurience as patriotism,” whatever that means. No doubt Penn thought it was profound.

As Breitbart News notes, Penn was photographed hanging out with Putin back in 2001. In later years Penn served as a useful idiot to Venezuela’s Chavez, who steered the prosperous country into socialist collapse. The man Penn called an “inspiration” died a billionaire while his citizens hunted stray dogs for food.

Now hypocrite Penn, still the useful idiot, promotes the debunked narrative that Putin owns Trump.

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