Schumer After Hanukkah Attack: ‘We Are in a Crisis of Hate’

Schumer After Hanukkah Attack: ‘We Are in a Crisis of Hate’

December 31, 2019

At a press conference in New York City on Monday, Senate Minority Leader Sen. Chuck Schumer warned that the weekend’s synagogue stabbing in Rockland County, NY is part of a national “crisis of hate.”

“First, I want to say that the current state of hate in America has become a national crisis…” Schumer said. “[T]he Monsey attack on the Jewish community was cowardly, callous, calculated, and we have seen over the last several years that there’s been a rash of attacks on houses of worship of all kinds throughout America.

“What happened two nights ago in Rockland County and happened in Texas the following night is part of a cascade of violence and intolerance in America and its risen to a boiling point. We need much stronger federal action because we are in a crisis, a crisis of hate.”

Schumer didn’t go as far as NY Gov. Andrew Cuomo and NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio in blaming President Trump for the anti-Semitic attack, but his claim that “intolerance” is boiling over in America is part and parcel of the left’s relentless attempt to pin everything on Trump.

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