Schiff: GOP Has Become Trump Cult with No Ideology, Principles

Schiff: GOP Has Become Trump Cult with No Ideology, Principles

February 12, 2021

Thursday on MSNBC’s The ReidOut, House Intelligence Committee chairman Rep. Adam Schiff declared that the Republican Party has become a cult of Donald Trump, lacking principles and ideology.

Anchor/propagandist Joy Reid asked, “Congressman Schiff, do we need to start having a serious conversation not just about Donald Trump being a bad guy, but about the Republican Party becoming a radicalized anti-democratic institution? Because you can’t have a regular party like the Democrats who have their flaws, and we can have an issue with them, and a party that is willing to seize the power by force?”

Claiming that the GOP attempted to seize power by force is a complete lie, but Reid is attempting to shift the narrative away from the truth, which is that the Democrats themselves seized presidential power through massive voter fraud and a media coverup about it.

“That’s absolutely right,” Schiff replied. “I think the managers they’re talking about Donald Trump because he’s the one on trial, and that makes perfect sense, but there are broader, serious problems with the GOP right now as a party. It has really become a cult of personality around the president. It doesn’t have an ideology anymore. It doesn’t have principles anymore. It’s willing to welcome in white nationalists and QAnon conspiracy theorists and people who use violence if they don’t get their way. That party needs to come to grips with what it’s become. It needs to be a party once again that stands for something and not just the cult around Donald Trump.”

Wake me when Reid and Schiff are willing to talk about the Democratic Party’s embrace of black supremacists, Marxist revolutionaries, and people who use violence to get their way. It is a party that has no principles except the lust for power by any means necessary. That is the party Trump stands against.

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