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Joy Reid


* Political analyst and host on MSNBC
* Views Republicans and conservatives as racists
* Views America as a nation replete with white racism

  1. The reality of Guantanamo Bay bears no resemblance to the dark picture painted by Reid and other like-minded critics. All the detainees were supplied with Islamic religious items including a Koran, prayer mat, and cap. Loudspeakers in the camps broadcast the Muslims’ call to prayer five times each day. All prisoners’ meals were certified halal (adhering to Islamic law) by Guantanamo’s Muslim chaplain. Religious services were held for the prisoners on a regular basis. The floor of every cell had a stenciled arrow pointing toward Mecca, so that prisoners could face the correct direction while saying their prayers. Guantanamo’s 6,000-book library was well stocked with Islamic literature as well as books and DVDs on a wide range of subjects. There was an outdoor basketball court, and a special classroom where detainees could learn English, Arabic, or Pashtu. Guantanamo’s medical facilities were staffed by dentists, internal medicine practitioners, psychiatrists, nurses, and even special translators who did not interact with guards. The detainee hospital provided top-level care 24 hours a day. That included access to a pharmacy, which distributed some 400 medications daily, as well as a state-of-the-art radiology room, complete with CAT scan capabilities. It is also noteworthy that between April 2002 and March 2003, the detainees, rather than suffering from malnutrition, gained an average of 13 pounds apiece.

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