Reid: We Have Gone from ‘Indecency’ to Biden’s ‘True Religion’

Reid: We Have Gone from ‘Indecency’ to Biden’s ‘True Religion’

January 21, 2021

Wednesday on MSNBC, propagandist host Joy Reid said after President Biden’s inauguration ceremony that the country had gone from former President Trump’s “indecency” and “idolatry” to Biden’s “true religion” of loving our fellow man.

“We’ve gone from what can only be called idolatry and false religion, almost Baalism under Trump, this worship of greed and this lust for conquest of one American over another, to really what the religion, the true religion is supposed to be, at least when I grew up in church… we try to love our fellow man, try to be brothers and sisters, to care about the poor, the immigrant, try to care about those in need. That’s the creed, that is the Christian creed. It’s what it was supposed to be before it was about stealing the children of migrants.”

“Stealing the children of immigrants.” This bald-faced lie is the degraded level of discourse and journalistic analysis you can always expect from race-monger Reid. And claiming that Trump worships greed? How has billionaire Trump profited from the presidency? Meanwhile, the left turns a blind eye to Biden’s lucrative influence-peddling and business deals with China.

She added, “God bless Joe Biden. This is truly deeply religious man with incredible compassion, and he’s got a great partner in Kamala Harris.”

And just like that, the same leftists who slam Republican-nominated Supreme Court justices for being too Catholic suddenly adore truly, deeply religious Catholics.

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