Reid: Trump’s People Have Guns, BLM Kids Have Skateboards

Reid: Trump’s People Have Guns, BLM Kids Have Skateboards

September 1, 2020

Monday on The Reidout, MSNBC propagandist Joy Reid said suburban moms fear President Trump supporters with guns, not Black Lives Matter kids” with “skateboards and a bull horn.”

“I will tell you, it’s very hard to find a George Wallace voter,” Reid said. “No one ever admits to it anymore. I think a lot of suburban white women are concerned that their sons, a lot of whom support Black Lives Matter, will get hurt and shot at a protest not by liberals, by Trumpists, the people carrying the guns. Black Lives Matter kids have skateboards and a bull horn. Their mothers are those women in the suburbs. Trump may want to think about that.”

Suburban white women are not afraid of Trump supporters, who may or may not be carrying guns to defend themselves and private property against the unchecked violence of the “protesters.” Suburban whites are rightfully afraid of those BLM “kids” harassing them at restaurants, roaming residential areas and shining flashlights in their windows, hurling Molotov cocktails into storefronts, and attacking families in their vehicles on blockaded streets.

Suburban women want law and order, and they know Trump is their only hope for that.

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