Vile, Racist Reid: Trump Is a ‘Vile, Racist, Anti-Democracy Buffoon’

Vile, Racist Reid: Trump Is a ‘Vile, Racist, Anti-Democracy Buffoon’

August 25, 2023

Vile, racist, anti-democracy MSNBC propagandist Joy Reid said Thursday on her network’s special coverage of Georgia’s booking of Donald Trump that the former president is a “vile, racist, anti-democracy buffoon.”

Reid said, “Who else has been mentioned, what, a few dozen times in hip-hop songs that people used to portray as, that they used to say is the stand-in for wealth and ostentatious wealth? Donald Trump. Donald Trump, before he was soon to be criminal defendant Donald Trump, was a hip-hop figure. He was somebody who people I respect, like Nas, were talking about, Donald Trump. He was a stand-in for the idea of wealth, of having, of gold, of bling.”

She continued, “Now, he’s the stand-in for what? Destroying democracy, destroying the electoral system, stealing the votes of people of color, intimidating an elderly black woman who just wanted to help her community vote. He’s the antithesis of who somebody people in hip-hop should respect.”

She added, “He’s still hanging out with Kanye West, but when he’s a degrading Ye. He’s essentially the degradation of that part of culture that he broke into before people understood what a vile, racist, anti-democracy buffoon he was. This is the buffooning of the American presidency. This should not be happening.”

Indeed, the buffooning of the American presidency under vile, racist, anti-democracy buffoon Joe Biden should not be happening.

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