Reid: Our Criminal Justice System ‘Bifurcated’ in Favor of Trump

Reid: Our Criminal Justice System ‘Bifurcated’ in Favor of Trump

August 7, 2023

Monday on MSNBC’s The ReidOut, propagandist anchor Joy Reid claimed hilariously that the U.S. criminal justice system was “defiantly bifurcated” in favor of former President Trump.

Reid said, “We start tonight with equal justice under the law. It’s the basic bottom line concept that the legal system is supposed to work the same way for all of us. So whether you’re rich or poor, white or black or brown, gay or straight, famous or not so famous, the legal system is supposed to treat you the same. That is the goal under the U.S. Constitution. At least, of course, we all know that is not actually, how it works. And sometimes, just sometimes, we get a little reminder.”

Yes, every time a Democrat commits a crime we are reminded that they are all, from criminals Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden down to the lowliest Black Lives Matter rioter, above the law.

She continued, “Take a look at this. This is footage of Union Square in New York City on Friday. The crowd had gathered after being summoned online by Kai Cenat. Now if you have never heard of him, join the club, I had never heard of him until my son called to tell me about this incident. He’s a very famous, popular streamer on an app called Twitch, which the youngins use to live stream about gaming, sports, entertainment and the like. He advertised a huge give away of PS5 gaming systems which are really expensive, so the teenagers came in numbers and the gathering turned unruly. Dozens were arrested including Cenat who was charged with inciting a riot. He was released on bond on Saturday and given a desk appearance ticket and a court date of August 18th, according to the Associated Press.”

She added, “Now, I just want you to think about those developments as you listen to the folks on a certain non-news network with news in their name whining about how Donald Trump is being treated so poorly and so differently from anyone else. I mean, that is partially true. Trump and his supporters have been treated very differently from anyone else. Note again, with Cenat and the riot in Union Square, a famous person summons a crowd to a specific location using social media and it turns into a riot, dozens arrested on the spot, not a year later, like the MAGAs who attacked our Capitol on January 6. Or like Trump, who has been galavanting around as a free man for two-and-a-half years before he was charged with summoning them there to overturn the election. In Kai Cenat’s case, an immediate arrest and a court date within weeks.”

This is an absolutely insane comparison. Trump did not summon his supporters to overthrow the election, and many of his supporters have been imprisoned for two and a half years as political prisoners without even being charged. Reid never mentioned them.

Reid concluded, “Our criminal justice system is defiantly bifurcated but not bifurcated against Donald Trump. It’s bifurcated in favor of him.”

What an absolute crock. Reid is a liar, demagogue, and smear merchant. Shame on her and MSNBC.

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