Reid: ‘Offensive’ Donald and Melania ‘Are Not Monarchs’

Reid: ‘Offensive’ Donald and Melania ‘Are Not Monarchs’

August 28, 2020

Tuesday on MSNBC coverage of the second night of the Republican National Convention, anchor Joy Reid accused President Trump and first lady Melania Trump of using the White House in an “offensive” way.

“I was struck, and I have to say not in a good way, by the use and, in my view, misuse of the White House,” Reid said. “They surrounded themselves with the trappings of the power that, in theory, they were given by the American people. These are not monarchs. This is not their property. You know, this was not an episode of Cribs.’ I didn’t need Melania Trump strolling down, you know, the gallery way as if she’d just come from the living room in her home. But they have used the property of the American people, these sacred properties that are owned by the American people, for politics tonight in a way that I think is offensive, I think is wrong, and I was particularly —as bad as this felt to me.”

Reid and her media comrades had no problem with Barack and Michelle Obama being “monarchs” in the White House. But let Melania Trump simply stroll down the gallery toward a camera and Reid finds it offensive. The leftist media’s relentless, vicious hatred for the First Lady is revolting.

“I have to be honest, you know, I’m not a fan of Melania Trump,” Reid added. Of course not. No one in the media is. They despise her openly, and American patriots, who are fans of Melania, see it plainly and won’t forget it come November.

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