Reid: MAGA is a Cult, Trump is ‘Jim Jones to Their Kool-Aid Crew’

Reid: MAGA is a Cult, Trump is ‘Jim Jones to Their Kool-Aid Crew’

August 22, 2023

Monday on her show The ReidOut, MSNBC propagandist Joy Reid called the MAGA movement a cult and former President Trump the “Jim Jones to their Kool-Aid crew.”

Reid said, “The first Republican presidential primary debate is Wednesday but a certain four-times indicted former president plans to skip the Fox hosted affair. Trump campaign adviser told NBC News that Trump will be at his Bedminster club that night instead. In an apparent jab at Fox, Trump has already recorded an interview with Tucker Carlson.”

She continued, “Will primary voters even watch if Trump’s not there? They made their choice clear, according to recent polls. In an NBC poll, 42% of likely Republican caucus goers in Iowa said Trump was their first choice out of 14 Republican presidential candidates, while 19% picked Ron DeSantis. In a CBS poll, likely Republican primary voters chose Trump by 62%.”

Reid added, “The weird devotion to a man facing RICO charges does not end there. Among those Trump voters, 71% hold Trump as the source of true information, surpassing friends and family, conservative media, and even religious leaders. These people trust Trump more than they trust their pastor. This from the party of white evangelicals and Christian nationalists. Then again, not really that surprising because MAGA is a cult, and Trump is the Jim Jones to their Kool-Aid crew. Their blind loyalty is stronger than ever, for a man who is clearly running for president to stay out of prison.”

Their loyalty is less to Trump than it is to making America great again, an aim that infuriates and terrifies the America-hating Left.

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