Reid: ‘I Certainly Should Have Been Sensitive’ to Muslims

Reid: ‘I Certainly Should Have Been Sensitive’ to Muslims

September 3, 2020

Wednesday on MSNBC, host Joy Reid issued a semi-apology for arousing the ire earlier this week of Muslim Rep. Ilhan Omar and Muslim groups such as the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) for referring to what she called “vigilantism” as “the way Muslims act.”

“We have never had a president do that,” Reid said. “And he’s getting help from his party and his media outlets who are literally celebrating vigilantism and turning an alleged killer into their version of a hero. If Trump was a Muslim leader, not the leader of the Christian right, how would we in the media describe what he’s doing?

“I asked that question on Monday, and there was a lot of conversation, particularly online after the segment aired, some of which was frankly not in good faith,” the MSNBC propagandist continued. “But some of the conversation reflected the genuine feelings of people who have been subjected to the kind of stereotyping that I just described, and who take matters like this to heart because of it. And we should all be sensitive to that, and I certainly should have been sensitive to that.”

It’s always a pleasure watching the woke left eat its own.

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