Reid: Harris Will Ensure Biggest ‘African-American’ Turnout

Reid: Harris Will Ensure Biggest ‘African-American’ Turnout

August 12, 2020

Tuesday on MSNBC, anchor Joy Reid declared that by choosing Kamala Harris as his running mate, presumed Democrat nominee Joe Biden would secure the maximum “African-American” turnout for the election.

“For Joe Biden to make this choice and to make it after all the backbiting that we heard that, oh, my God, she challenged him on race, he showed himself to be a big man, a big enough man to say that I want the person that challenges me…” Reid said. “I want the person that questions me on matters of race because that’s why she’s there. I want the woman that people say is too ambitious, wants to be too powerful, has a future. I want that, to embrace that.

“I’m proud of Joe Biden… To be the anti-Trump and to affirm black women in this way, on this day, with the president that’s in there now. This could not be a better selection,” Reid added.

Reid is delusional. Half-Jamaican and half-Indian, Harris isn’t “African-American.” She comes with her own racial baggage as a tough-on-drug-crimes attorney general, and she’s not liked in the black community. She’s a disastrous VP pick for Biden.

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