Reid Guest: 2nd Amendment Created to Stop Slave Rebellions

Reid Guest: 2nd Amendment Created to Stop Slave Rebellions

April 19, 2023

Monday on MSNBC’s The ReidOut, hosted by race-monger Joy Reid, activist Rev. Mark Thompson claimed falsely that the Second Amendment was established to prevent slave insurrection.

Answering a question about the Right’s defense of the Second Amendment, Thompson replied, “These were white children that were killed here in Tennessee. All nine, because of an obsolete amendment that was established — really, people need to read the history. Do your homework, folks. The Hidden History of the Second Amendment by Professor Carl T. Bogus.”

Was there ever a more appropriate name for an author of a bogus historical thesis?

“An amendment,” Thompson continued, “the Second Amendment was meant to prevent slave insurrection and slave rebellions. That is why people are losing—there was no individual right. That’s what it was really about. They didn’t want to give up their arms to the state to fight the British because they needed to keep arms, in the words of Patrick Henry, to fight against insurrections on the plantation. So that is what this is really all about.”

This is not at all what the Second Amendment is about. Do your homework and read the history, Reverend.

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