Reid: GOP Turning Women Into ‘Womb Slaves of Any Red State’

Reid: GOP Turning Women Into ‘Womb Slaves of Any Red State’

May 2, 2023

Monday on MSNBC’s All In, host Joy Reid opined ludicrously that Republicans are attempting to turn women into “womb slaves of any red state.”

Reid said, “This is the proof of why the bubble is dangerous. Republicans all listen to Fox News, and they read the Daily Caller or whatever. They come to believe that the vast majority of Americans want to ban abortion, want to ban drag shows, want to ban trans kids. They cooked themselves into a pot they can’t climb out of now.

“On abortion, it should’ve been perfectly obvious to them,” she continued. “All the polling has been very clear. The majority of Americans, even a pretty big majority of Republicans, don’t want abortion to be illegal. Rather than learn from the whipping they got after their tailor-made Supreme Court got rid of Roe v. Wade, and the drubbing everyone should’ve been able to see they were going to take when you take half of the country’s rights away from them and turn them into essentially womb slaves of any red state, you will lose. Yeah, they lost.”

“Womb slaves”? As always with Joy Reid, this is not serious political commentary. It’s misinformation and disinformation and lies. She’s not a commentator — she’s a propagandist.

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