Reid: Fox News ‘So Creatively Racist that I’m Almost Impressed’

Reid: Fox News ‘So Creatively Racist that I’m Almost Impressed’

August 31, 2023

Tuesday on her show The ReidOut, MSNBC anchor Joy Reid said Fox News claiming former President Trump’s mug shot will increase his support among black voters is “creatively racist.”

Network host Katie Phang said, “They can now parade a mugshot, make millions off it, dupe their followers into paying money to buy merch, to be able to support this man, when it’s an insult to the intelligence of communities of color to suggest they believe he is some type of folk hero now because he managed to get a mugshot. Mugshots are not badges of honor.”

They are when they’re taken by an illegitimate, criminal regime punishing a political opponent.

Reid said, “The idea that black people, simply because he was arrested, are going to gravitate toward him, I actually — you know, it’s almost so creatively racist that I’m almost impressed that they have all come up with this, and on Fox, this is their new talking point. They think black people like criminals, and that’s what they think of black folk. They even think Atlanta is a giant criminal stew of the hood, and therefore any mural in Atlanta has got to be pro-Donald Trump and got to be black people lining up to praise him. It’s what they think of black people, the reason they can’t get black people to vote for them.”

This is typical race-mongering blather from Reid, who is arguably the most racist individual in the ranks of the Leftist media. Trump’s mugshot is being hyped by the Right not as condescending outreach to black voters, but because it is rallying Americans of all colors against the totalitarian oppressors of the petty Biden regime.

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