Reid: FL Has Become ‘Beachhead’ to Nazism, ‘Pro-Trump Extremism’

Reid: FL Has Become ‘Beachhead’ to Nazism, ‘Pro-Trump Extremism’

June 9, 2023

Thursday on MSNBC’s The Reid Out, obsessively racist host Joy Reid claimed insanely that the state of Florida was a “beachhead” to Nazism and a “huge source of extremism.”

Reid said, “Florida is not the Florida people used to think of as lots of oranges, beaches, and Disney. Florida is now home to one of the largest concentrations of extremist groups in the country. It has now become a beachhead for racial extremism, Nazism, open Nazism. People marching in the streets even in places like South Florida, places like Orlando. It has become a kind of headquarters, the Proud Boys have a huge base in Florida, in Miami-Dade County. They have members on the Broward County school board. They have essentially taken over the Miami-Dade Republican Party. So Florida is in many ways a place where the danger to the country, how many Floridians were there on January 6? A lot. They are a huge source of extremism and pro-Trump extremism specifically.”

Reid added, “I will note the Governor of Florida is no longer Jeb Bush, who you can say whatever you want about his policies, but he was a rational actor. The governor is now somebody whose entire base of their presidential campaign is hate and grievance and rage.”

Speaking of hate, grievance, and rage: it’s impossible to overstate the degree to which Reid’s show and career hinge upon those very qualities. Her so-called commentary, like the statement above, is nothing but lies, propaganda, and hyperbolic rants like calling Florida a beachhead for Nazism. Her career could only be possible on a far-Left smear network like MSNBC.

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