Reid: DeSantis Passing Florida-Style Laws as President Is ‘Bull***’

Reid: DeSantis Passing Florida-Style Laws as President Is ‘Bull***’

May 22, 2023

Friday on MSNBC’s The ReidOut, anchor Joy Reid said the idea that Gov. Ron DeSantis (R-FL) could pass a similar agenda to the Florida legislation he has signed was “bullshit.”

Political commentator Susan Del Percio said, “DeSantis misunderstood the election results for 2022. He really didn’t get what was driving people. They didn’t show up. I mean, there was a big difference – 900,000 fewer votes cast on the Democratic line from ’18 to 2022. So, people maybe didn’t come out against him, but they didn’t come out for him either. And right now, you look at independent women, and yeah, one of Ron DeSantis’ big things is ‘I can win a general election.’ I mean, women in Florida hate him by 61%. I don’t understand. It makes no sense that he is touting himself as an alternative to Donald Trump when actually, his baggage is policy baggage, which is much more dangerous to carry around in a general election.”

Reid said, “And he also, he’s Trump with a completely subjugated legislature. So, the idea he could do on a national scale what he does in Florida is bullshit. I’m sorry to use the horrible word, but it’s not real because he’s got a sycophant legislature that will pass anything he says.”

What’s really happening here is that Reid and her Democrat comrades are terrified of DeSantis because he’s effective, he’s fearless, and he comes without Donald Trump’s personal baggage. That’s why the Left spends more time alternately demonizing and dismissing DeSantis than they do the frontrunner Trump.

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