MSNBC’s Reid ‘Can’t Imagine Anything Closer to Slavery’ Than Abortion Restrictions

MSNBC’s Reid ‘Can’t Imagine Anything Closer to Slavery’ Than Abortion Restrictions

April 10, 2023

Friday on MSNBC’s The ReidOut, racist rabble-rouser Joy Reid claimed hyperbolically that she “can’t imagine anything closer to slavery” than laws restricting abortion and a federal judge’s ruling to suspend FDA approval of the abortion pill mifepristone.

Reid said, “We have already seen in the state of Idaho a bill to make it illegal to travel, so they’re already starting to lock women in and say, you can’t move, you can’t travel. And in this case, they’re talking about anyone under 18, but that means an aunt, an older sister, a doctor, they’re trying to frighten people into even helping women. We have seen that in Texas with this bounty law. So what you’re seeing is the right to abortion being squeezed by making doctors afraid to treat you, by making your family members afraid to help you, by making an Uber driver afraid to drive you. By saying that, if you travel across state lines or get close to the border in the state of  Idaho, and you might have mifepristone with you, that’s a crime. And in the state of South Carolina, they’re proposing potentially adding the death penalty.”

She ranted, “This Is The Handmaid’s Tale. Women in this country are essentially being told you are an incubator. The state owns your body the minute that you’re pregnant, and there’s nothing you can do and no one you can turn to. I can’t imagine anything closer to slavery than that.”

What’s hard to imagine is that the death cult of the Left is still clinging to their ludicrous, fear-mongering metaphor of The Handmaid’s Tale to represent reasonable restrictions on the murder of the unborn.

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