Reid: Blacks Feel Disrespected by Herschel Walker’s Candidacy

Reid: Blacks Feel Disrespected by Herschel Walker’s Candidacy

December 6, 2022

Monday on MSNBC’s propaganda-fest The Reid Out, racist host Joy Reid claimed that black voters felt disrespected by Republicans choosing Georgia Republican Senate nominee Herschel Walker, who is black.

Panelist and activist LaTosha Brown said, “Black people are upset. They feel insulted. They feel insulated that the Republicans would pick a candidate and because he was a ballplayer, that in some way, and if they planted this narrative that black men were not going to vote and are upset with the Democratic Party, those two things were enough to fool us. We’re far more sophisticated. There’s a certain level of feeling insulted, and that it is racist. And there’s a motivating factor of who Warnock is, a Southern Baptist minister of Martin Luther King’s church. That is a lot of history to who we are in the South. Those things are working. Black folks are saying enough is enough. We can show you better than we can tell you.”

Reid said, “I have heard this from a lot of black men, even if they’re not in Georgia. There’s a certain disrespect that a lot of black men feel about, particularly how Walker has been walked around by people like Lindsey Graham and used and put forward. They don’t seem to respect him, and they don’t seem to respect black people.”

Whenever black Republicans aren’t in positions of leadership, the Party is smeared as racist. When black Republicans are in positions of leadership, the Party is still called racist. That’s because that’s the only strategy Democrats have: smearing their opponents as racist in contradiction to all the evidence.

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