Propagandist Joy Reid to Teach Journalism at Howard University

Propagandist Joy Reid to Teach Journalism at Howard University

December 10, 2020

Campus Reform reports that MSNBC propagandist Joy Reid will be joining Howard University in Washington D.C. as a visiting professor for the spring semester.

Predictably, the race-mongering Reid will teach a course called “Covering Race, Gender, & Politics in the Digital Age,” which will focus on the “racial roots of journalistic objectivity vs. fairness.”

“Particularly in this era of virtual media, and deep partisanship and political division, it’s never been more important that journalists incorporate a thorough and honest historical context in our coverage,” Reid wrote in a statement.

Reid is a prime example of the leftist media’s abandonment of the journalistic ideals of objectivity and bipartisanship, in favor of openly partisan activism. She also is the very embodiment of the left’s obsession with weaponizing race in the name of “social justice.” The fact that Reid has been invited to indoctrinate young journalists in this subversive perspective shows just how low our so-called institutions of higher learning have fallen.

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