Multi-Millionaire Michael Moore: Capitalism is the Enemy

Multi-Millionaire Michael Moore: Capitalism is the Enemy

January 9, 2020

Former music video background model Emily Ratajkowski joined documentary filmmaker Michael Moore in a podcast conversation on Wednesday in which the multi-millionaire propagandist proclaimed capitalism to be “the enemy.”

Both pop culture figures agreed to support avowed socialist Bernie Sanders for president in 2020, because “he can really handle fucking capitalism,” as Ratajkowski thoughtfully put it. Despite the fact that her fame and fortune stem entirely from her perpetual willingness to remove part or all of her clothes, she demands to be taken seriously as a political commentator.

“I think that people really underestimated what my generation sees in America — which isn’t socialism versus democracy… It’s just capitalism,” she continued. “And [Sanders] can really handle fucking capitalism. And that’s the truth.”

“And that’s the enemy,” Moore responded. “Totally,” said Ratajkowski articulately. Is there no limit to the clueless hypocrisy of the left?


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