Moore: We ‘Should Feel Shame’ Greta Has to ‘Show Us the Way’

Moore: We ‘Should Feel Shame’ Greta Has to ‘Show Us the Way’

September 26, 2019

Documentary propagandist Michael Moore asserted on Twitter Wednesday that adults “should feel shame” that teen activist Greta Thunberg has to “show us the way” to addressing a climate change apocalypse.

“It was an honor to meet w/Greta Thunberg,” Moore tweeted. “She, like most young people, is fed up with the insolence & inaction of adults who refuse to act.” The humorless, 16-year-old eco-scold Thunberg has been propped up by the Left, as easily-manipulated youth often are, as the unassailable, self-righteous face and voice of a movement to fundamentally transform Western economies.

“She speaks the truth,” Moore added. “Every adult should feel shame that it now takes a 16-year old to show us the way after we’ve failed so miserably to end the greed that’s killing the planet.”

On the contrary, every leftist adult should feel shame over the political exploitation of an autistic teen to advance their big-government, anti-capitalist agenda.

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