Moore: ‘We Are Not Done With Trump. Trial. Conviction. Imprisonment. He Must Pay’

Moore: ‘We Are Not Done With Trump. Trial. Conviction. Imprisonment. He Must Pay’

January 21, 2021

After President Trump delivered his farewell address to the nation on Wednesday, documentary propagandist Michael Moore tweeted that the left is “not done with him,” that the outgoing president should be tried, convicted, and imprisoned.

“He has just left the White House for good,” Moore gloated. “We the people have evicted him. I will go ahead & cancel the U-Haul. He now flies over the wreckage he has created, knowing we are not done with him. Trial. Conviction. Imprisonment. He must pay for his actions – a first-ever for him.”

Apart from the fact that this vicious threat of retribution (for wanting to make America great again) flies in the face of now-President Joe Biden’s insincere plea for healing and unity, this burning lust for revenge that animates hateful leftists like Moore feels like a first in American history, or at least in living memory. In the past, Presidents were simply voted out of office, and those who wanted them gone celebrated and jeered and then moved on. Even with George W. Bush, who inspired an unprecedented Derangement Syndrome, Democrats were not frothing at the mouth with the desire to punish and imprison (or hang) him, his family, anyone who worked in his administration, and anyone who voted for him even after he was voted out of office.

This unhinged, vindictive hatred the left feels for Trump reveals the degree to which he threatened their anti-American agenda, exposed the lies of their media enablers, thinned their ranks by inspiring #WalkAway movements, and most of all, fought back against them. They cannot forgive him for that.

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