Moore to MAGA Nation: You’re Going to Have to Obey Our Laws

Moore to MAGA Nation: You’re Going to Have to Obey Our Laws

December 3, 2020

In the latest episode of his Rumble podcast, documentary propagandist and hateful demagogue Michael Moore addressed Trump supporters directly, blaming them for spreading the coronavirus and warning that “many of you are going to die.”

“If we don’t pull together as Americans, we’re not going to get out of this,” Moore urged, claiming falsely that “It’s in all the red states, it’s growing faster there than anywhere else.”

“Many of you are going to die,” he continued. “Why do you want to die? Why, to take a stand against us liberals, to show us a thing or two? You’re showing us how to die. Why do you want to do that?” — as if mask-obsessed Democrats aren’t dying too.

The anti-white racist Moore also gloated that demographic changes in the country means a Democratic majority forever. “You’ll never be able to catch up. That’s just a fact.” Fact check: false. In addition to the fact that Democrats are losing voters to various “exit” movements, Democrats are anti-children and anti-family; conservatives will ultimately outbreed them.

“Don’t you want to make your peace with it now?” he asked, befuddled as to why conservatives refuse to submit to the Democrat agenda. “You’re going to have to obey the laws we enact.”

Fact check: false. Conservatives will fight and die for an America based on the Constitution, not on Democrat totalitarianism. Maybe Moore and his fellow progressives should make their peace with that now.

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