Moore: Republicans ‘Triggered Our Extinction’

Moore: Republicans ‘Triggered Our Extinction’

September 20, 2019

Without naming it explicitly, documentary propagandist Michael Moore declared on social media Friday that the Republican Party has “triggered our extinction” thanks to its greed and climate change denial.

“This party triggered our extinction by pushing a greed-based, climate-denying agenda,” Moore wrote in a Twitter thread. He went on to claim that young people “will curse our name for what we’ve done to them. In their final days they will remember how we let the 1% plan this destruction, how we allowed a political party to exist on the premise that there was NO climate change!”

“Millions of children will march today,” Moore continued, referring to a global climate strike by students. “They know when they’re our age they will be clinging to life, clawing & clamoring for survival as the planet chokes to death the humans who tried to kill it. The planet will kill us before it lets us kill the planet. Trust me on this.”

Trusting Michael Moore and his fellow leftists on the issue of climate change is precisely the reason we have young people hysterically panicked about the future.

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