Moore Pitches Movie in Which ‘Heroes’ Kill Murderous Cops’

Moore Pitches Movie in Which ‘Heroes’ Kill Murderous Cops’

August 26, 2020

On Twitter on Tuesday, documentary propagandist Michael Moore pitched the idea of a “superhero” movie in which the “heroes” are cop killers.

“If this were a movie, heroes would swoop in & kill the murderous cops. The audience would cheer. Loud! Then the superhero would rain fire down on Police HQ & the audience would stand & applaud! White, Black, Brown- the entire audience would scream YES! Thank God it’s just a movie,” Moore tweeted to his 6 million followers.

Even acknowledging that Moore is a hateful demagogue who tries to stay relevant with provocative statements, this is beyond irresponsible. It’s beyond simply vile. It is incentive to violence against cops.

As Breitbart News notes, Moore’s tweet came “as police are being murdered, ambushed, and hospitalized amid the mounting unrest pushed by anarchists and leftist agitators across the country.” In May he suggested Minneapolis should “demolish” the police HQ in “contrition to black America.” He also claimed that George Floyd was “lynched” by the Minneapolis police.

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