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Moore: ‘Not a Person On This Planet Believes’ Trump Is ‘Fine’

November 20, 2019

Documentary propagandist Michael Moore claimed Tuesday that “not a single person on this planet believes” President Trump’s health is fine, after Trump made a recent visit to Walter Reed hospital.

The White House announced Sunday that Trump had begun portions of his routine annual physical exam at Walter Reed. Press Secretary Stephanie Grisham said on Fox News that the visit to Walter Reed was “routine” and the president was “doing just fine.”

On Tuesday, Moore tweeted his conspiracy theory: “It is now early Tues morning. The White House press corps is reporting NO ONE has seen Trump since SATURDAY – when he went to the hospital unexpectedly for ‘part 1 of his annual physical’ — and ‘everything was fine!’ Not a single person on this planet believes that. 13,001 lies!”

That same morning Trump appeared at a White House cabinet meeting and castigated the press for implying he’d had a heart attack. To Michael Moore’s frustration, Trump is far fitter than Democrats in his age range like Hillary, Biden, Pelosi, and Sanders.


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