Moore: Earth Will Take ‘Revenge’ Worse Than the Coronavirus

Moore: Earth Will Take ‘Revenge’ Worse Than the Coronavirus

May 6, 2020

In Tuesday’s episode of his podcast, documentary propagandist Michael Moore predicted that unless we change our “greed-induced” behavior, Earth will take “revenge” unimaginably worse than the coronavirus.

“Take this moment, take this virus, as earth’s slap in our collective face,” he said, claiming that the planet is “trying to tell our species to back off, slow down, and change your ways.”

“We are in a planetary emergency and no amount of collaborating with the enemy — capitalism/profit motive/greed — will save us. We need a new way, new leadership. Time to fight.”

“If you think COVID-19 has been a bummer, trust me, you literally can’t imagine just how awful Earth’s revenge will be against us for trying to choke it to fucking death,” the demagogue continued, adding that our “serious multi-level planetary emergency” involves “mostly humans. And our human, nonsensical, greed-induced behavior and systems,” he said. Maybe Moore could help by selling a few of his nine homes.

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